Thursday, 19 July 2018

Packing for your holiday just got easier .. take a look

Up until a few years ago I used to pack far too much for our travels!

You see we made the decision to take our bags on board for further trips so that we could make a quick getaway.

So things had to change.

Since then, as soon as we've booked our trip, I start thinking what I'm going to pack.  That's mainly because by the time we go I've managed to get the clothes down to the amount I actually need to take :)

Easy packing...

You may have read our blog Top Tips for Easy Packing where you'll find lots of tips including my great find from Eagle Creek.
I bought mine on Amazon as it was the best price at the time but search Eagle Creek for the best deals.

Easy showering ....

Prior to our last trip to Kontokali Lake House in Corfu, I found another little gem for showering, which, by the way, doesn't need to go in your liquid bag.
This sponge is absolutely brilliant.  When wet it lathers up and smells divine.  I also felt I got a bit of exfoliation too which, of course, helped with the suntan.  :)  Definitely worked for me and saved me having to squeeze a shower gel into that tiny liquid bag. 😏

Again I bought mine on Amazon.  There are lots of different fragrances.  I've just ordered another one for our next trip :)  I'm trying the French Lavender this time.

And another thing ....

Remember if you are travelling to a hot country the mosquitos can easily spoil your holiday.  If these little devils do get the better of you you'll need something to ease the troublesome itching.

I took my Antipodes Saviour Skin Balm and found this to genuinely be my skin saviour.  Stopped all itching and the lumps and bumps disappeared almost overnight.  Definitely worked for me!

So the moral of this blog is when you book your holidays, plan ahead, make a list, use our notepad to help you ..... 
start packing early because I bet, if you're anything like me, by the time you go you'll have taken some of of those clothes out of your bag 😲

It's holiday time ..... pack ...... and ...... RELAX

Take the stress out of packing.
Happy holidays :)

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