Monday, 25 September 2017

A Close Relationship between the Vine and the Man

So .... it has been a while since we have joined you here on our blog.  I can only apologise but sometimes in our world as I'm sure in yours too, life gets in the way.

I thought, the best way to return was with something Malcolm and I love and with the story of a man, who not only loves it, but has made it his world.

The world of wine and a tour of Cottonworth

The relationship between the Vine and the Man ..... yes indeed there is a very close relationship here at Cottonworth.
The tour begins with Hugh walking you up to the vineyard.  Don't worry, it's not too far, but sensible to wear comfy shoes.

As Hugh takes you on a tour of his vineyard you can hear the passion in his voice and feel the passion he has for his wines.
His focus is on producing fine quality sparkling wines and this he does admirably and talks you through every stage with humour and so much enthusiasm you wonder why you just don't go home and start your own vineyard!
 Ah, except of course we don't all have acres of land :)
After the tour and talk, we all wander back to taste these amazing wines.
And just to warn you, these are rather large tastings, but Hugh's wife conjures up a very tasty buffet lunch to soak it all up.
 A little sparkling white ...................
 A little sparkling rose ..........................
And a delicious white wine Hic Hic :)

But don't worry if you're driving you can always buy a couple of bottles for later.
Yep, we did that too, be very rude not to wouldn't it.

Where:  Cottonworth Wines Andover
             Wine Tours require pre-booking as small groups usually