Friday, 16 February 2018

Shout from the Rooftops but You'd Better Be Quick

If you love the Tudor period, then you'll love The Vyne at Sherborne.
Not only has it the most amazing Tudor House but the most beautiful grounds.  

Snowdrop Mania

And the snowdrops are spectacular at the moment.

Even my granddaughters couldn't resist taking photos of these snowdrops in all their glory.  They really are quite a treat.

The light today was incredible.  It was cold but so worth a stroll around these grounds.  However, boots are definitely an advantage as the recent rain has caused quite a soggy walk!

If you have been following our blogs you will have seen the amazing rooftop walkway.  A £5.4m roof project which is nearing completion.

Tag a roof tile

Write a message or draw a picture and leave your mark on a tile to go on the roof!

As you can see my granddaughters loved it and made their mark along with many others.

February is last chance for this treat ... 

If you want to shout from the rooftops and tag a tile, you'd better be quick. 

The geese are always fascinating.

Oi this is my territory...

The swan below felt that the lake was his and was picking on any bird that dared to enter his domain!

 He seemed to be quite successful at chasing them off too!
 And obviously felt very proud of himself after the chase!
If you'd like to take a Winter ramble round the grounds you can download a Winter Woodland walk  Remember have your walking boots at the ready.

And be warned on a lovely sunny day the car park gets full to overflowing!  We had difficulty getting parked when we arrived at 12noon, so I guess you need to get there early.

Long queues and a bit of a squeeze

Also there is always a queue for the food at the cafe and it becomes quite cozy whilst you are waiting ... so I'm advising you to prepare yourself for the wait.  The food is good so it's worth it!

Go, enjoy, and take your time.  Make a day of it.  You won't regret it.

Monday, 5 February 2018

In the Spotlight ...... A Place to Embrace Life, Shop and Lunch

If you're planning a week, or to be totally honest, a long weekend would be easy enough, then this is the place to be. 

A warm welcome is guaranteed - this place is perfect for a relaxing escape.

Just three hours' flight from UK and you can find yourself embracing life, shopping and lunching in this city.

A European Capital of Culture 2018

Where are we?  The buzzing city of Valetta, the Capital of Malta.

Weather, what weather?

Our last visit was at the end of November and it was slightly chilly, well for me anyway and on the day of our visit to Valetta, it rained!
But when you're on holiday and there's so much to see the weather somehow seems less of an irritant and there's always somewhere to shelter.  ie a local cafe or bar! 

For us on this occasion Cafe Castille was very handy and served up a delicious lunch to go with our Cisk and wine!

300 Sunny Days a Year

In accordance with what they tell you about Valletta boasting more sunshine than any other European the time we'd finished eating and drinking, the sun had made itself known to us once more.

Shopping is definitely a way of life here in Valetta

If you like shopping there's everything here and more.  We travel light
and therefore no room for any extras in our bags :(  that's the downside .... but the upside of course is you save your shopping money to go back!
As you can see at the end of November the Christmas lights are already in place.  We always retire to our Hotel, in order that we can have an early evening drink and relax before dining, we don't get to see them lit up.   They look beautiful in the daytime so I'm sure in the evening they are stunning.

Here at Christmas they really do create an impressive display everywhere.
I love it here.  It has so much history but it also has beautiful gardens too.

Upper Barrakka Gardens for panoramic views over the Grand Harbour.  You won't miss it as everyone is soaking up these views with selfies and such like!

Hot, Hot, Hot :)

And I don't mean the weather (not at this time of the year anyway)!  This chilli plant extravaganza caught my eye whilst everyone was looking elsewhere.  Incredible.
If you haven't been yet.....this year is the time to go ..... 400 events 
make up the 2018 cultural programme culminating with a closing spectacle on 13th December.  
Visit the The Cultural Programme for more info.

Where to stay?  For us there is no other place to stay than Corinthia Palace Hotel in the centre of the island, central to everything but quiet too.  

However, if you want to be nearer to the coast.....and a little livelier...
On my recommendation a colleague visited Malta and wanted a seaview so she opted for Corinthia St Georges Bay - she and her family absolutely loved it.

So, what are you waiting for?  Go, go, go .............
Hopefully we'll see you there. :)