Monday, 30 January 2017

Enjoy the Art of Lingering at Manningford Lakes

A day off is always good for you ...

One of the things Malcolm likes to do is a spot of Trout fishing, he finds it relaxing and takes his mind off 'stuff' 😉

And sometimes he even gets a round of applause! 😂
Yep!  We all have 'stuff' and sometimes it's good to clear the mind of it!

To be perfectly honest, even if I liked the thought of fishing, there's no way I could stand still that long and flick my arms in and out - I probably wouldn't be able to move my arms the next day after all that!

If I get the chance

No, no but if I am free to go along a stroll is much more my kind of thing.  A spot of nature watching with my camera always helps to clear my head of 'stuff'.

I linger for a while ..

I just love to amble and appreciate what's around me.  This place is so pretty and so peaceful.
The only sound you will hear is from the wildlife. 

If you don't want to wander there are seats around the lakes where you can sit and enjoy the peace and stillness of it all.

So now a bit of info:

Manningford Trout Fishery.

One of the most well known fisheries in the South of England, set in the heart of the Pewsey Vale.

The lakes are well stocked with brown and rainbow trout. 

There you'll find the 4.5 acre Manor Lake, 1.3 acre Squires Lake and a catch and release lake.

They also have 2 miles of single bank fishing on the River Avon.

Opening hours: 

SUMMER    May - September 8am - 7pm 
WINTER    October - April 8am - Dusk

CLOSED Christmas Day and Boxing Day

Before you decide on a date

Take a look at the Events Page on the website to check the venue hasn't been exclusively hired out on the day you want to visit.

They also take bookings for conferences or meetings. 

If you enjoy the art of lingering, this just has to be a great place to do it.

Friday, 27 January 2017

What to Wear in Malta in Winter Particularly November

Just a quick rewind to Malta!  Promise it won't take long.

You see we'd never been to Malta before.  I had no idea as to what the climate would be like.

Yes, yes I know you can look online at the forecast.  We did!  Several times.  

Women need to have so much more

Ok, so it's going to be warmer than the UK.  Does that mean I need to take coats, raincoats, cardigans, trousers, swimsuit, dresses, sandals and shoes?

It's always ok for the men.  They seem to make do with a pair of trousers, shorts, several T shirts, undies, one pair of shoes and one pair of flip flops!
Ah, yes, little and large! :)  Our cute little hire car and my umm .....cute big man 😍
You see as I said, shorts and a T shirt 😚

Me?  Unless I absolutely know for sure that it's going to be a scorcher, I need to take all things on a 'just in case basis' 

Come on ladies I know I'm not alone in that.

But, of course, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and travel light!  

The search is on....

So my online search for 'what to wear in Malta in November' came up with nothing.   No no not to 'wear nothing'  - no answers!

My advice to you ladies - is take a lightweight raincoat as it does rain occasionally!  Although, to be honest, when it did rain we didn't have our rain coats with us. 😩
Some lightweight trousers, plus strappy vests, T shirts and a couple of cardigans.
A pair of shorts probably, although I'm not too keen on them I did wear them on a couple of days as it turned out to be quite hot!

A swimsuit/bikini doesn't take up much room.  There's always the chance that you'll have time for a dip.

And on hot days if you have long hair, something to tie it back with......I did take something but found something so much more sophisticated on the market in Marsaxlokk.  
A very good salesman put this in my hair for me and did such a good job that husband was impressed.  He bought me several in different colours. 

I do own up to having never managed to get it quite like this again but work in progress 😏

And on the streets of Valletta, this is what the locals wear.

Unless, of course, you're on a scooter and carrying a dog in your bag.  

Editing a little different?

Yes, you might have noticed the difference in our photos on this occasion.  

Not all images suit a little bit more high definition editing and I certainly wouldn't do it all the time but on this occasion, just for fun ....

And just in case you haven't had chance to come with us on our travels yet.  It's always worth taking a look back at a few of our previous posts.

Thanks for visiting.

See you next time .....

Monday, 23 January 2017

Lets Get Packing We're Travelling to Sardinia

A large Italian island in the Mediterranean sea to the west of Italy and one of the most popular holiday destinations for Italians.

There are three International Airports.  We flew into Olbia and were picked up by friends.  However, there is a good bus service to the towns from all the airports.

Stay ....

Our stay was in a villa sharing with other members of the crew and their wives/partners.  

This was one of Malcolm's sailing trips.  I always insist on tagging along just to ensure he looks after himself you understand. 😉😉

There are many hotels and villas on the island.  I always find Trip Advisor or excellent when looking for somewhere to stay.

What to wear?

We visited in September each time and it was hot.  You will find many well dressed holiday makers here and if you visit in September many yachties too!
I have to say that when I go on holiday I like to dress down unless occasion requires otherwise.  So shorts, t shirts, floaty dresses, cool cotton trousers are probably best for me anyway.  Men always seem to get away with shorts and t shirts.....easy life!

Costa Smeralda (the emerald coast)

The Aga Khan and other wealthy investors developed this corner of the island in the 1960s.

This is the part of the island we visited and wow the wealthy still play an important part here.  Visible by the huge number of super yachts moored in Porto Cervo.

Shoes off!

And if you are lucky enough to be invited on to one of these super yachts, remember no outdoor shoes allowed on board!

And The Yacht Club

Not like any other yacht club I've been to!  Founded by the Aga Khan, of course, in 1967.  It is said he entertained Bridget Bardot and Catherine Deneuve here.  Lucky man. 😊

The clubhouse was given a facelift in 2003 by New York architect Peter Marino.  Now has a pool, spa, restaurant and bar.
As you can imagine the Centro Porto is full of designer shops and just has to be seen, even if you don't buy!

Time to ...

Well now you'll have to excuse me.  After all that shopping I have to put my feet up with a glass of something ......

Cheers to you - hope to see you soon ......

Wednesday, 18 January 2017

A Little Smitten with Malta and Travel Photos to Prove It

A big thank you if you have been following our travel blog.

I thought it might be an idea to tell you why the posts on Malta keep coming. 

Always on my places to visit list but, until last November, we had never been to Malta.

One reason being people had put us off!

Comments such as:
  • No Beaches
  • Bad Drivers

2nd reason being - affordability

Anyway it was our anniversary coming up and as 5 days in Malta was the same price as a long weekend in Cornwall, Malcolm decided it had to be done.

Well we didn't find beaches on our first visit but plenty of seaside walks! 

However we haven't seen Malta in its entirety yet.

There are lots of lovely hotels with huge complexes if that's your kind of holiday.

As for the drivers - if you can drive in London you'll have no problem in Malta.  Well, that's according to Malcolm. 

I didn't drive at all, only from the passenger seat (nothing unusual there then!)  😏

So, thought it might be a good idea to share our recommendations, just in case you haven't followed us until now.


Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa - I guarantee this Hotel will be hard to beat for the wonderful service and welcoming staff.
Marsaxlokk - the fish market on a Sunday is a must see.
Valletta - the hustle and bustle of this city is a mixture of old and new and has a great atmosphere.
Mdina - like going back in time

San Anton Rickshaw Restaurant -wonderful food and service and if staying at the Corinthia Palace Hotel not far to go 😍

Marsaxlokk Terrone great place for food, drink and people watching

St Julians Bay Caviar & Bull - amazing fish dishes and eating experience

Mdina Fontanella amazing views, welcoming staff and great coffee

And just to whet your appetite a little more .....
Poolside at Corinthia Hotel and Spa
The gastronomical cheese board at Terrone.

Well I've got my taste buds going so will definitely be going back to Malta!

Now you could say we are a little smitten with Malta.

As for the photos, that's what we do and to be honest how could I possibly describe that cheese board without an image?  Yum Yum.

See you next time :)

Monday, 16 January 2017

Visit Presidential Palace? Yes Please..Be Rude Not to

When you stay at Corinthia Palace Hotel you have the ideal opportunity to visit the Presidential Palace Gardens.

Well it would be rude not to visit the President as he only lives just across the road!

Gosh that's a long time ....

The walled gardens have been open to the public since 1882.

The Palace, built by the Knights of Malta in 1636, is today the residence of the Maltese President.

Apparently some of the trees in the garden are over 3 centuries old.

Let's take a stroll

Several paths and walkways take you through these pretty gardens with fountains and ponds.

The gardens are very popular with the locals where they sit and relax.  A Sunday gets quite busy!

Wildlife watching ...

The ponds are home to ducks and swans, including a beautiful black swan.

Umm?  Do all swans rest one leg at a time? :)

Excuse me .... any chance of me getting some sun too?

The turtles are cute and really funny as they bask in the sunshine.  It seems that whoever is the last to get out of the water gets the best place in the sun .... on the back of another!
Sadly we weren't invited for tea on this occasion!
But as you can see this is very grand and, if you are in Malta,well worth a visit.

Opening hours:

  • Monday - Sunday (June-Sept) 7am - 6pm
  • Monday - Sunday (Oct-May)    7am - 5pm
(at time of publishing)

Thanks for visiting our travel and lifestyle blog ..... back soon with more travel tales.

Wednesday, 11 January 2017

Travel Photographers, A Wedding, Prosecco and Not Costa Coffee

I must apologise but I really can't leave Marsaxlokk yet!

There's something I need to tell you ...

There was a wedding on the day we visited Marsaxlokk and we missed it!  Can you believe that?

We were so busy watching the world go by from our perch at the bar....

eating, drinking, chatting and just enjoying our Wedding Anniversary .. (oops did I mention this was our Anniversary trip?)

Wedding photographers ....

can you believe that two photographers who shoot weddings missed seeing a wedding in Malta?

It was all so obvious that a wedding was going to occur ....
and then it was obvious that it had occurred ....
Pink and silver paper wedding confetti gave the game away.

Romance and prosecco ....

How could we be disappointed at missing the romance .... we had our own romance.  

Totally spoiled firstly by my husband for bringing me here and secondly by The Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa for the very special treatment we were experiencing.  

And little did we know, but we had more prosecco left in our room on our return. 😍

And after all that we deserve a coffee :)
And coffee with a heart.  Ah they must know we are celebrating, probably something to do with the glass of prosecco (or two).
Oh, have you spotted it?  The Costa Coffee bar?  But sorry Costa we didn't get our coffee from you.  We got our coffee from Terrone.

Thanks for visiting ..... see you soon