Tuesday, 27 June 2017

When Travel sends you Running for Cover - Visit Marsaxlokk

Just a minute .... we go to Malta for the sun?

What's this?  Looks like rain to me and rain it does!

Run for cover

Well, you'd think we'd run for cover.  One of us did most of the time!

First time in the wet

So for the first time we find ourselves in Marsaxlokk in the wet!

No fish market

We had wanted to revisit when the fish market wasn't in full flow, just to get a taste of this fishing village when there was less going on.  So had organised our holiday schedule to visit on the Sunday for the fish market, but then to go on the Tuesday as well.

There certainly was less going on but probably the rain had something to do with it too.

Ah well, get on with it.  It's just rain and in any case warm rain and we'll soon dry off.

We had booked lunch at Terrone one of our favourite eating places.  

A little early so I was persuaded to venture out of my little shelter to get some pics.  Glad I did as wet photos can be as impressive as dry photos so worth getting wet for!
As dark clouds gather above, we go for a stroll.
Ok well that's enough of that!  Time to eat ...
Ooh goodie .... our favourite roasted local sardines on the menu.  Yum.
Oh dear, apparently no sardines. 

The cat looks a little full and comfy! Just saying:)

Slight disappointment for us :(

A delivery!  Maybe some fresh sardines?  Nope fresh herbs, nice to see fresh deliveries though.
So we opted, for me, fresh buffalo milk burrata with grilled local peaches, which was delicious.

 and for Malcolm the risotto de mare, which he said was good too.
But Terrone, can you please tell us why our favourite dish of all time has disappeared off the menu?
 Terrone Special
Anyway we did the great British thing and sat outside to eat.  Majority of the clientele sat inside!  
After all we didn't come to Malta to sit inside did we?

So the moral of the story is, when travel sends you running for cover, go eat and drink!

Friday, 16 June 2017

A 'Blooming' Slice of Our Holiday in Malta at The Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa

Here it was just as we remembered it .... except ...... it was hot, hot, hot.

Our trips to Malta have been amazing and we've have always been blessed with beautiful weather.  We knew visiting in June would be hotter, but don't think we were quite ready for how hot!


Not to worry, on this occasion the pool is open and I'm sure we'll find ways of cooling off - a dip and possible the odd cold beer or two.

More about the pool and celebrations on another day because nothing prepared us for this!

Blooming June

We had always been welcomed at Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa with smiles and glasses of orange juice - really appreciated always feel a little jet lagged.   I know it's Malta, only an hour ahead of UK, and a short 3 hour flight, but we always seem to book an early morning flight and have to get up at 4am!  Not complaining, of course, as it means we get a long arrival day. 😊

Anyway I digress!

As we arrived, sun streaming through  .....
we drive in, once again in our 'little' hire car, but the staff are used to us now and take it off our hands to park it.  Think they worry Malcolm will get stuck in it one day and we may have to stay ... 
now there's an idea :)
Feels like we're coming home .... welcomed by all, and I mean all, some familiar faces and some new and we're handed the thirst quenching orange juice.  Cool and refreshing, goes down a treat.
Heaven begins here.

But now, we were in for a beautiful surprise.  
We had never seen the Corinthia Palace in 'blooming June'.  Stunning. 

After the 'hellos' and a quick chat with 'our friends', we were taken to our suite.  Well, we know where it is, of course, but everything is done properly here no matter how often you visit.

Our suite as we remembered it.  Huge bed, comfy cushions and soft towelling robes and the incredible balcony where we sit with our morning cuppa and in the evening sipping wine.
Talking of the balcony, on venturing out I was totally blown away by the view of the gardens and this beautiful 'Jacaranda' tree. 
A word of warning, if you want to see this in bloom, you need to visit at the beginning of June.

When the blossom falls, it looks a little like wedding confetti .... actually, talking of weddings, this is a fabulous wedding venue.

Bless the staff, though, they are probably very glad when all the blossom has fallen!  The clearing up is constant especially when they have an outdoor event!
So there you have it, now you know the meaning of a 'blooming' slice of our holiday in Malta. Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa in bloom and just a slice of our holiday.

And, trust me, you haven't seen it all .... there's more .... but that's for another day.

Watch this space.