Monday, 27 February 2017

Travel Photographers. Return Visit. Really? Unbelievable - Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa

They say never go back.  We rarely do.

It all began here ... 

We had barely returned home in November 2016 and the next thing I know ....

Malcolm: 'd'you fancy going back to Malta in February?'
Me:  'really, but we always say we won't do a return visit anywhere?  And we're travel photographers, remember?'
Malcolm: 'got a good deal on flights and we loved the place, think of it as a holiday'

Well, of course, it didn't take much persuasion ... we did love the place.  We loved Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa and loved Malta too and there was so much more to see!

Malta here we come....

We flew British Airways, as we always had in the past.  And to be perfectly honest this flight was a total disappointment.  You always pay a little more for BA for some preferential treatment.  

Well, not any more!  Sadly their standards have dropped.  It was a shambles.  But I'm not going to spoil this 'feel good' blog with a bad experience.

Mount Etna

Wow!  As you know I'm not a fan of flying and definitely not looking out of the window, but when Malcolm pointed this out I made the exception to the rule and opened 1 eye. 😉
Now that's definitely a need for 2 eyes! Awesome as my grandson would say.

Anyway, always glad to get my feet back on the ground once more... we pick up the hire car and make our way to what has become a favourite place to stay.

Blue skies with fluffy white clouds welcome us and .....
a very happy smiling welcome from the concierge ..
Kevin met us at the door.  Before we knew it our luggage had been taken from the car and the car parked.

Just a minute ..... had we actually been home at all?  This all seemed so familiar.

Ah .... looks like one of us was a little thirsty and couldn't wait for the picture to be taken 😊
Who could that be I wonder?
Yes, me a very happy person .... and I didn't remain in long sleeves for long either.  It was much warmer than I had ever imagined it would be.

Rewind back to the blog about What to Wear in Winter in Malta pack similar clothes in February!
and that'll be my magazine for later - yes getting settled in now ....after all Malcolm did say the word 'holiday' didn't he?
Apparently no time to read yet ... a stroll round the grounds.
The pool is not on the 'to do' list this time as don't think it opens until later in the year.  

Is Malcolm looking at it in the hope of a swim or maybe glad it's closed? It does look inviting though doesn't it?
However, the Spa is definitely on the list!
a quick peek in to familiarise ourselves ..... we visited several times and can recommend it for sure.
We love the Caprice lounge too.  
Warm and soothing colours and luxurious deep sofas and chairs just right for relaxing with a drink.
This takes you through to the Rickshaw Restaurant, a favourite of ours and we, of course, ate there once again.

Once again a delicious meal.  The lovely Eliena remembered us and as always ensured we were well looked after.

Two evenings we ate in The Villa.  Wow.  An amazing room (would so like to take more photos of this room) and, of course, only what you'd expect, delicious food.

We both had a flambe experience.  Trust me this is an experience. Tyron and Dillon cooked for us at the table in complete harmony.
Both meals delivered to the table exactly the same time.  These two are quite something to watch and for me, The Villa Restaurant wouldn't have been the same without them. 😊
We had a bit of a chill out day on the Saturday ... went for a stroll through the Palace Gardens and back to the Hotel for a light snack ...

Oi!  Not yet Malcolm!  Picture first 😉  Yummy sweet potato chips .. ah and you noticed a drink, well we were a little dehydrated after the walk.

And a stroll through the hotel back to our suite.  

I always seem to take photos of these lights.  They are beautiful, I love them.

Home from home ....

Well not really.  Our house is nowhere near as grand, of course, but the staff here give you such a warm welcome it makes you feel like you are going home. 

And it's not just one member of staff it's all of them, it makes you want to mention them all.

And actually I wanted to know why this Hotel makes us want to go back for more.  Why is it they make you feel so special?  Well, I think from reading this article The Corinthia Hotels ensure they take on very special people.  

Believe me, at Corinthia Palace Hotel and Spa the people are very special.

And, yes, I know this was a holiday but how can we not take photos? We are, after all travel photographers and doubt we'll ever go anywhere without taking photos, especially when we stay in such beautiful surroundings.  It would be rude not to! :)

Will we go back for a third time?  Return visit, really?
Now ..... you'll have to wait and see :)

Thanks for visiting ... coming soon more of our favourite eating places in Malta, Classic Car Museum and more .....

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