Tuesday, 21 November 2017

Find Calm in The New Forest

Head south to the New Forest and find calm in the ultimate spa experience and then relax even more in one of the cosy hotel rooms.

Read on to find out how and where ......

Is it peace you're looking for ...

Here you'll find a moment of peace, a chance to slow down and unwind.

A warm welcome awaits you

Met and greeted by the concierge who smiles and warmly welcomes you.  He will happily take your luggage and park your car. 

Malcolm being a little independent refused this kind offer.  

As we were only on an overnight stay, we had very little luggage except for our photography equipment, of course, which we are a little protective of and always carried by us!

Check in 

Whilst Malcolm was parking the car I had been nominated to do the 'check in' bit.

I had to wait a while as the receptionist was already checking in another couple.

It was obviously the couple's first visit.  The young lady behind the desk was extremely informative and diligent. giving the couple all the necessary info to ensure they made the most of their stay. 

The couple walked away saying 'wow, she knew her stuff'.  She sure did!  A huge round of applause for this young lady and, in fact, if I hadn't stayed before I would have now been fully informed too.

But we had visited before and, in fact, this was where we got married, so we received a 'welcome back' check in, which kinda makes you feel a little special.

So where are we?

Corridor of leaves

We were told our room was ready and Colin offered to carry our bags.  Again we declined the offer and made our way along the corridor of leaves :) 
Ah explanation:  The carpet design has huge leaves and it actually works really well.  It is in The New Forest after all.

Have you guessed yet?

We weren't expecting this

So to our room.  

We got a surprise.  

Our stay on our wedding night was in the bridal suite which, of course, had a very grand four poster bed.

Pretty garden room  

Today as we opened the door to our garden room, the sun streamed in on to another very pretty four poster bed.  We were not expecting that at all. :)

Ooh goodies!

This Hotel not only wants you to feel at home but feel special too. 
The little extras like the magazines and books and delicious chocolate taster from Chocolate by Miss Witt, robes and slippers, not to mention the lovely bathroom goodies from The White Company are extra special finishing touches.

I digress for a moment

A word for The White Company .... the lids on your little bottles are on sooooo tight, it's a real challenge to open them!😖

Did I mention spa?

Once we had taken a few images for the blog, we were off to find some well deserved and long awaited TLC in Senspa.  

If you haven't booked a room with this experience you can upgrade.  You'll be sorry if you don't! 

This is a hydrotherapy haven, including pools, tropical showers, ice room (not for me but Malcolm used it), sauna and crystal steam room.  And I particularly liked the warm stone beds which feel as if they shape to your body.  Just relax, blend in and the warmth goes right through you.  Bliss.

All this relaxes the mind and the body and leaves you with a pleasantly tired feeling.

A sneaky peek of the Spa on our Travel Instagram!

No time to doze 

Well if you don't know by now here's a little clue for you....

We go back to the room and find it hard not to doze off, so a cuppa and magazine to the rescue.

  Yep!  You've guessed Careys Manor Hotel & Senspa

Now off to Le Blaireaus

Not time to lounge in our room for too long as we are off to Le Blaireau Beaujolais Nouveau night.  Luckily it's right next door to the Hotel so no worries about travel and not far to stagger back either 😉

Quite obvious from the name, Le Blaireau is everything French.  

Tonight waiters and waitresses, all looked very French in Breton stripes and little French berets.  The atmosphere was brilliant.  The food was good and the Beaujolais Nouveau was'nt bad either!  

Oops, apologies ... no images.  We were there with friends and a night off.  Nothing to stop you going along though.  Take a look at their website, they do have quite a few events on.

And so back to our room for a nightcap and sleep.
Of course, I can't possibly leave you without mentioning the most amazing breakfast in Cambium Restaurant

We never take our cameras into restaurants as we feel it's a little intrusive to other guests. 

Our food shots are always set up at a time when the restaurant isn't being used so no professional pics of the lovely breakfast. 

However, couldn't resist using my tried and tested phone for a shot of the most delicious poached egg I had ever had...........perfection.

Oh and I do hope we didn't leave our room ........
in a pigsty 😉😐but I do love the alternative signs - great fun.

So will you find calm in The New Forest?  

If not now, when?   

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Monday, 13 November 2017

And Today a Little Retail Therapy in Porto Cervo

Nothing like a stroll round the old town of Porto Cervo with shops like Prada, Versace, Billionaire, Bvlgari and Gucci to make you feel a little decadent, maybe a little bit rich and maybe a little bit envious too!

A little dreaming

This is Centro Porto in Porto Cervo a place to wander and dream. 

Feel like a spot of billionaire shopping?

Just pop in to this shop here then.  Do you think you have to be a billionaire to go in?

Ah Gucci - a favourite of mine.

And Prada is another favourite.

Time for a spot of reading?

Bvlgari had these fabulous catalogues (more like a coffee table book) scattered on soft cushions outside the store. 

To be honest it would have been nice just to bring one of the catalogues home.
Oh ....  hang on a minute, Versace and .... who is this?
Could this be ... no really?  My husband shopping for me in Versace?

Nope!  That man's no fool .... the shop is closed!

Thanks for stopping by for a spot of retail therapy ... see you soon. 

Monday, 6 November 2017

Wherever You Go Becomes Part of You Somehow

Short and sweet today.

This quote 'Wherever you go becomes part of you somehow'
gave me plenty of 'food' for thought.

And oh so true ..... how easy it is to fall in love with wherever you are.
Calheta, Madeira

Raft Rocks, Milford on Sea

The Noisy Lobster, Avon Beach

Le Petit Cafe, Guernsey

Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa Malta


Terrone, Marsaxlokk, Malta

Costa Smeralda Sardinia

Waters Edge, Gurnard

Corinthia Hotel & Spa, Attard, Malta
Exbury Gardens

Braxton Gardens Lymington

And you can see why they say travel is the only thing you buy that makes you richer.

..... and a little heavier :)  

Ah yes...be rude not to sample the food and drink wouldn't it? 

Staycations or vacations wherever you go it will become a part of you for sure.

Can't wait to go on our next travels, coming soon.