Tuesday, 30 January 2018

Charmed by the Magic of Hillier

Whew just where did that time go?  End of January already and only one blog this year.

As the saying goes .....  

Life gets in the way of your plans!  Apologies to followers, but that's just what happened.

Time out for a little freedom

So to get away from it all, whilst Malcolm is busy working his little butt off, I decided to use the Annual Membership, bought by my son, to Sir Harold Hillier Gardens in Romsey and take time out for a little freedom away from computer, phone and other slightly stressful happenings! :)

Profusion of colour is an understatement

Bursting with Snowdrops, Winter Aconites, Syclamen, Hellebores, Dogwood, Witchhazel and miniature Iris to name but a few.  

Well to be honest these are the only ones I know or could find online! :)

Without further ado 

only images will suffice as you will see .....

I have many more images of pathways that you feel the need to explore and some of the wonderful sculptures around these gardens, but for today it is the most amazing colours that I wanted to show you.

Food glorious food

After the walk, which was a little on the cold side, I was in need of a little warming soup.

The cafe here is welcoming and the menu is very tempting, but I still opted for the soup, which was served with a generous helping of crusty bread.  Delicious.
And with a fabulous view over the gardens you can sit and eat, savour and drink in this amazing experience.

As you can see I was charmed by the magic of Hillier :)

There is always plenty to see and lots of events, art classes etc here at Hillier and a great place for kids to let off steam in the school holidays too.    

But don't take my word for it ......

Visit their website for more information, opening times etc.

See you next time ......

Thursday, 4 January 2018

Top Tips for Easy Packing and the Best Find Ever

Before we go any further .... a very Happy New Year to you all

As we enter 2018 I'm sure you are all looking forward once again to Summer holidays, or maybe even still looking at Winter holidays, especially with the weather we've been having lately. 😐

Always looking for easy options

We are definitely planning more travels this year.  As you know our stays away are usually short breaks, or at most a week, therefore, we like to travel light and carry our luggage on board with us so that we can make a quick get away and make the most of our holiday.😎

Consequently I am always looking for easy packing ideas.

Won't fit, will fit

If you're anything like me I can never find enough room for everything in a cabin size bag.  I end up packing, repacking and probably repacking again!

I thought I'd share a few ideas I have found helpful with making the best use of limited space in your bag and being able to fit everything in.

Packing Top Tips for Carry on bags

  • Make use of those free samples that are stuck to pages in women's magazines.  Ask your hairdresser for shampoo/conditioner samples.  They all slip in that little airport plastic bag really easy.  Use them up and you won't need to carry them home, leaving room for a little holiday gift maybe? :)

  • Pack pants/socks inside shoes or sandals.
  • Save the shower caps from hotels to wrap my shoes in so that the soles don't make clothes grubby.
  • Pick up spare plastic bags at the airports.  They are really handy.  Keep loose chargers together or home keys/car keys tidy and easy to find on return journey home.

The best find ever ...

  • And finally I found the most amazing piece of kit just prior to my last journey.  I have to tell you I will now never travel without it.  Packs so easily and gets so much in ....  for me 4 vests, 2 cardigans, 1 blouse, plus 1 jumpsuit.  All that in a quarter of the space of my bag.  This little bag deserves 3 images!

Eagle Creek Pack It Garment Folder  

Trust me, if you buy this you won't regret it.  When you get to your destination and unfold your clothes, hang them up and no creases.  Love, love it.  💖

Travel safe, travel light, relax and enjoy.

Useful Sky Scanner link on best luggage reviewed and 

Happy holidays :)