Thursday, 28 June 2018

Train, Boat, Bus & Chain Ferry to Osborne House and a Warning

My friend and I were sat chatting and recollecting our last visit here and I suggested we go again.

Yes, she was up for it so plans were afoot without further ado!

Umm?  Looked up the journey on Wightlink Ferry from Lymington to Yarmouth.  Shock!  Horror! Way, way too expensive for a day trip.

However, not to be put off we settled on train to Southampton, Red Jet to West Cowes, chain ferry over to East Cowes (much cheaper)
and a walk (quite a long walk) up to Osborne House.

Like a circle in a spiral ....

going through my mind, the journey sounded quite exhausting!  But let's do it!

So we did ..... and to my surprise it wasn't anywhere nearly as tedious as I thought it would be.

Lunchtime arrival...

So all this meant a lunchtime arrival and an early light lunch prior to further walking.

It was a glorious day, so we decided to give the house a miss on this occasion and do the walled garden and ....
taking in the glass houses and fab plants
and then the long walk down to Queen Victoria's beach, the Beach Hut Cafe
and an ice cream, of course.  We chose to sit in the shade to eat ours as the sun was melting it quicker than we could eat it ... be rude to waste any wouldn't it ๐Ÿ˜‰๐Ÿ˜œ - apologies I had to lick mine before taking the picture!
And then a meander back - well for me anyway, friend is fitter - oh and younger :) but she kindly slowed her stride for me.
A beautiful house and I would definitely recommend you go in if you haven't already.
Our last visit the sunflowers were amazing and the grounds were more colourful, but any time of the year is lovely for different reasons.

A warning comes with this blog ....

If you choose to travel our way, put some good walking shoes on, take a bottle of water, a very small handbag (aimed at the women that one of course!) with small camera or make do with phone camera, and be prepared for some quite long walks.

I, of course, took my trusted Nikon D7100 with 28mm lens which is the lightest of my cameras and lens.  However,  I have promised myself I'll get an even lighter one for my days out with friends.
Of course, I had my phone with me but you can't see the image on a bright day on your phone can you ๐Ÿ˜ and I find it incredibly frustrating when I can't see what I'm taking!

Need to know basis :) 

  • If you do travel on Red Jet and you need to catch a bus back to the station, your Red Jet ticket acts as your bus ticket too.
  • There is an Osborne bus that takes you to the beach and a buggy so you really don't have to do the walking bit!   
  • OK Fitbit how many steps?  22000 eeek if I didn't feel tired before I do now after knowing that! 

Enjoy..  if you do go we'd love to hear your comments or 
let us know what you think by email and we'll be happy to share here.

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