Wednesday, 1 March 2017

Travel Photographers Lust for Good Food and Drink in Marsaxlokk

We were booking a return visit to Malta and we knew we just couldn't go back without another Sunday lunch in Marsaxlokk and Terrone.

Book ahead

Remembering just how busy it got particularly on a Sunday with the crowds at the fish market, we thought we ought to email ahead of our trip and book a table.

Last time we were there in November, the weather was beautiful and we sat outside eating, drinking and people watching.  Sounds good doesn't it?

What about the weather

With my positive head on I emailed Terrone asking for a table outside again.  Giedre  responded to my email without delay and booked a table for two.  It was only when Malcolm said 'what if it rains' that I began to doubt the weather!

Another email to Giedre with 'what if the weather is against us?'  This was no problem at all for Giedre, 'leave it to us and we'll decide on the day for you'.  Whew, thank you.

In my head I was already tasting the food .....

Suddenly it was Sunday and we were on our way to Marsaxlokk and my tastebuds were working overtime.  Wishing my life away to lunchtime!
Come on Malcolm it must be time now surely?  

'Can you remember what time you booked' Malcolm asked.  
'Oh no, I can't'  I said 'let's go and find out'
'Ah' the lovely lady said at the front desk 'we have you booked for 1pm'
it was now 12.30.  'It's ok' she said 'your table is ready anyway'

Bring me sunshine

And my prayers for sunshine were answered and once again we were able to sit outside on a beautiful warm sunny Sunday enjoying the delicious gastronomical delights at Terrone.

Better start with a drink. :)
And watch the world go by ....whilst we order our food
I already know what I want and can't wait ....this is a Terrone special
sprinkled with a little lemon .... this seafood is so good
whilst Malcolm started with ....
Oysters.  He said they were delicious.  I took his word for it.  Not my thing.

And the plate of seafood was a sharing platter so plenty for the two of us.

And anyway I had something else in mind for afters!

Local cheeses, grapes and honey.
Yes, just as I remembered it from last time.  Can't wait to get stuck in to this.
A coffee to finish ... with a little love too!

Life is good here

Travel photographers with a lust for good food and drink and that's just what you get here.

Great service, friendly staff, great food, ice cold beer and rose wine. Now what more could you ask for?
If you want to sample the delights of Terrone, remember to book ahead, especially if it's a Sunday lunch.

Terrone Marsaxlokk  A warm welcome, great service and delicious food.

We'll be back ....


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