Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bouldering ... Really? Visit Milford on Sea

Yes, it's been a while..... Easter came and went and the kids came and went ....

So actually, with another bank holiday weekend coming up, no better time than to talk about where to take the kids.


Well as long as the parents are keeping a watchful eye, the kids have great fun here at Milford on Sea on the boulders.  Actually it's not quite as scary as it looks.

And after that a little competition racing on the beach .... well 'catch me if you can mum' and .....

 well if you can't Mum, maybe Dad can :)
You'll notice that I stayed safely away from the bouldering and the running!

Give me a break someone had to take the pictures after all :)
But if you're not into all that extreme sport, you can wander along the path and see if you can catch a glimpse of the wildlife.

Milford is a great place for everyone.


And of course you may well be a little thirsty or even hungry after all that exercise.  Remember to call into Raft Rocks.  Their sweet potato chips are yummy.

Just a quick note from me ... if you want to eat lunch or supper at Raft Rocks you may well need to book ahead.  They get busy and are very popular with the locals.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday   Closed: Monday

Thursday, 20 April 2017

Travel with Us to a Place Where You Can Embrace Life - It's Not Far ..Where Are We?

Actually this is one of my favourite places to unwind and appreciate nature.

If you live in the New Forest it's right on your doorstep and well worth a visit.

But also it's worth travelling a distance to see these gardens. This time of year, in particular, they are bursting with all the colours of the rainbow and more.

Prepare to be amazed ...

200 acres of the spectacular Rothschild collection of trees, plants and shrubs.

Now who wouldn't want to sit on this bench and spend some valuable quiet time.  And, no matter how busy the gardens are you will still find somewhere to sit quietly.  And that's the beauty of this place.

This glorious yellow plant is situated inside the grounds of the tea rooms beside the Sundial garden.  Incredible plant - just a burst of yellow!

And brush past this plant and you will be blessed with the most amazing scent.

Although I love plants I'm not much of a gardener, so have no idea what this plant is?  Anyone know?

Kids love it

And, of course, this is not only a place for adults.  Children can run off some of their energy in the gardens and the kiddies' playground too.

Remember to take a ride on the steam railway.  If you've been before, you may think you've seen it all.  Nope!  You'll be treated to a slightly different route on the train now opened by Dan Snow a few weeks ago.:)

Note:  At busy times of the year, especially kids holidays, you will need to queue.  

This is the place to embrace life in The New Forest.  Where are we?  Of course it's Exbury Gardens.

And if you time it right you may even get to see the star of the show  The Wisteria in the Sundial Garden

Another note:  For a discount, book online prior to the day you want to visit.

Do you have beautiful gardens?  Would you like to feature here?  
Email Jan to find out how.

Monday, 10 April 2017

On Our Travels Once Again Colour Coordinated Wildlife?

Oops, it has been a while since our last blog.  Mainly because our travels have been close to home with family visits.  Although always with camera in hand, we like to join in the fun too.:)

A visit in April  

Today I rewind back to a visit to some beautiful gardens of a 17th Century Manor House in Northampton.  Quite pertinent that I choose these gardens to show you now as very soon the best of these gardens will be in bloom and an absolute must to visit in April.

Leading down from the magnificent Manor House is 10 acres of gardens to wander around 
 with beautiful flowers and cute ducklings to keep you amused.:)
you may need to sit a while and take it all in before ........
you move on.... to the bluebell woods which are in bloom mid to late April.  May be sooner this year because of the mild weather?
Incredible.  I have never seen anything like it. 

Oh, I nearly forgot

Amongst the flowing streams, fountains and ponds are the Flamingos in the most amazing colours seemingly coordinating with some of the flowers!

I hope you have enjoyed the photographs of this beautiful garden.  The Coton Manor website will give you lots more info

Coton Manor

If you are in the Northampton area, this is a must see. If after all that walking you are in need of a little sustenance, you can grab yourself a cuppa and a bite to eat at The Stableyard Cafe.  

Garden Opening Times for 2017:

Saturday 1st April - Saturday 30th Sept

Daily Tuesday - Saturday 12.00 - 5.30pm

and each day during Bank Holiday Weekends