Thursday, 27 April 2017

Bouldering ... Really? Visit Milford on Sea

Yes, it's been a while..... Easter came and went and the kids came and went ....

So actually, with another bank holiday weekend coming up, no better time than to talk about where to take the kids.


Well as long as the parents are keeping a watchful eye, the kids have great fun here at Milford on Sea on the boulders.  Actually it's not quite as scary as it looks.

And after that a little competition racing on the beach .... well 'catch me if you can mum' and .....

 well if you can't Mum, maybe Dad can :)
You'll notice that I stayed safely away from the bouldering and the running!

Give me a break someone had to take the pictures after all :)
But if you're not into all that extreme sport, you can wander along the path and see if you can catch a glimpse of the wildlife.

Milford is a great place for everyone.


And of course you may well be a little thirsty or even hungry after all that exercise.  Remember to call into Raft Rocks.  Their sweet potato chips are yummy.

Just a quick note from me ... if you want to eat lunch or supper at Raft Rocks you may well need to book ahead.  They get busy and are very popular with the locals.

Open: Tuesday to Sunday   Closed: Monday

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