Monday, 3 July 2017

Why Getting Caught in the Act is not as bad as you Think

I had been on a photoshoot and passing through Beaulieu High Street and quickly remembered Patrick's Patch from my visit last year.  I cheekily parked in Fairweathers and popped over the road to Patrick's Patch.

On arrival in this tranquil space, you could sit a while beside this pretty meadow.  Although I am told by the lovely Rachel, who planted the seeds, that there was a mix of all sorts here and not just meadow seeds.
But don't sit too long because you will want to wander around this amazing space called 'Patrick's Patch' just as I did.  

This is a site to behold, with full range of vegetables, herbs and salads.
A garden which is maintained by volunteers, school children and a part time gardener.

Be sure to say hello to those who stick around to keep an eye on things.:)
 Some paying more attention than others!

Not only is this a learning garden it is uplifting and inspiring too.  

It's worth mentioning that free courses are run here, so it's definitely worth checking the website for details.

Ah unable to hide my large professional camera, I was caught in the act!  A lovely lady asked why I was taking photos!  Eeek, I blamed Gill Hickman :)  'Oh yes I know Gill,' she said 'how lovely, thank you for taking photos, and giving us some PR, the more people know, the more we will be visited'  and then
'would you like a lettuce to take home with you?'
Gosh home grown lettuce, I can't remember the last time I had the pleasure.  So, of course, I accepted gratefully.
This lettuce was the best lettuce we have tasted in a very long time - sorry Waitrose and M&S you are beaten by a mile.

So now you know why getting caught in the act isn't as bad as you think!:)

It seems I wasn't the only one visiting today .....

And you may have noticed something!  I don't seem to have taken many photos of vegetables?  Oh gosh I may have to go back!

Patrick's Patch is opposite Fairweathers in Beaulieu High Street
Visit the website for opening times and other interesting information.

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