Monday, 13 November 2017

And Today a Little Retail Therapy in Porto Cervo

Nothing like a stroll round the old town of Porto Cervo with shops like Prada, Versace, Billionaire, Bvlgari and Gucci to make you feel a little decadent, maybe a little bit rich and maybe a little bit envious too!

A little dreaming

This is Centro Porto in Porto Cervo a place to wander and dream. 

Feel like a spot of billionaire shopping?

Just pop in to this shop here then.  Do you think you have to be a billionaire to go in?

Ah Gucci - a favourite of mine.

And Prada is another favourite.

Time for a spot of reading?

Bvlgari had these fabulous catalogues (more like a coffee table book) scattered on soft cushions outside the store. 

To be honest it would have been nice just to bring one of the catalogues home.
Oh ....  hang on a minute, Versace and .... who is this?
Could this be ... no really?  My husband shopping for me in Versace?

Nope!  That man's no fool .... the shop is closed!

Thanks for stopping by for a spot of retail therapy ... see you soon. 

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