Friday, 16 February 2018

Shout from the Rooftops but You'd Better Be Quick

If you love the Tudor period, then you'll love The Vyne at Sherborne.
Not only has it the most amazing Tudor House but the most beautiful grounds.  

Snowdrop Mania

And the snowdrops are spectacular at the moment.

Even my granddaughters couldn't resist taking photos of these snowdrops in all their glory.  They really are quite a treat.

The light today was incredible.  It was cold but so worth a stroll around these grounds.  However, boots are definitely an advantage as the recent rain has caused quite a soggy walk!

If you have been following our blogs you will have seen the amazing rooftop walkway.  A £5.4m roof project which is nearing completion.

Tag a roof tile

Write a message or draw a picture and leave your mark on a tile to go on the roof!

As you can see my granddaughters loved it and made their mark along with many others.

February is last chance for this treat ... 

If you want to shout from the rooftops and tag a tile, you'd better be quick. 

The geese are always fascinating.

Oi this is my territory...

The swan below felt that the lake was his and was picking on any bird that dared to enter his domain!

 He seemed to be quite successful at chasing them off too!
 And obviously felt very proud of himself after the chase!
If you'd like to take a Winter ramble round the grounds you can download a Winter Woodland walk  Remember have your walking boots at the ready.

And be warned on a lovely sunny day the car park gets full to overflowing!  We had difficulty getting parked when we arrived at 12noon, so I guess you need to get there early.

Long queues and a bit of a squeeze

Also there is always a queue for the food at the cafe and it becomes quite cozy whilst you are waiting ... so I'm advising you to prepare yourself for the wait.  The food is good so it's worth it!

Go, enjoy, and take your time.  Make a day of it.  You won't regret it.

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