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Lulworth Boutique Hotel Review

Happy New Year to you all.

Can't wait to share our experience at this lovely Boutique Hotel in Lulworth.

It's part of a small group of boutique hotels and B&Bs called The Petite Hotels, run by the amazing young entrepreneurial couple Edward and Daria.

From the moment we booked this Hotel we knew it was going to be right for us.  Edward spoke to Malcolm on the phone and emailed back and forth and couldn't have been more helpful. 

A small boutique hotel with everything you need and more

Friendly, welcoming and professional with great food and comfortable rooms.  What more could you ask for?

Pretty, tasteful and comfortable

We stayed for three nights over the Christmas break.  It was a last minute booking for us.  Because of this we got the luxury of staying in two different rooms.  

Ha! Ha! no not a room each :) 

We had one room for two nights and the last night a different room.   

West Lulworth

We booked here as we love the sea and to be able to walk to the cove each day would be perfect.  Also it isn't too far away from Lymington for a short break away, even shorter when the Sandbanks ferry is in operation, not for our journey, so check before you leave home!

West Lulworth is quaint, pretty and feels a little like going back in time with its lovely thatched cottages and old world charm.
It's a short walk down to the cove and there are plenty of places to grab a coffee or glass of wine en route back and forth!

Lulworth Cove

I can't remember ever having been here before?  I'm sure I must have been but probably in my childhood.  Can't believe I've left it so long before coming here again anyway!  

It's a beautiful little cove and there are many walks that actually make you gasp, that's gasp for breath and at the beauty of the views.:)

After a day or two watching people walk over the top to Durdle Door we dithered as to whether we should do it or not.  
Yep that's the one up the hill there in the background of the image below.
After walking past it again for our usual walk, Malcolm said 'I think we should do it' .....well after his hip op his consultant did say he could walk as much as he liked.  Not sure he meant hill walking but ......
we turned back and up we went!

We got to the top and were rewarded with this!
We were so pleased with ourselves that we stopped for some silly selfies!  I know, I know kids will be kids and some people never grow up but hey this was an achievement and worth celebrating with a little silliness :)
Excuse us for not posing or pouting .... now that would be silly!

The Hotel 

A beautiful Country House on the hillside with fabulous views over the countryside.

We had read some of the reviews on the infamous Tripadvisor and there was a bit of a grumble about the hotel being at the top of the hill. 

Yes it is, that's why you have views!  However, it's a gentle slope weaving up to the hotel entrance and if you have wheelie luggage it isn't too much of a problem, even for Malcolm who was recovering from a hip replacement.  I'm sure too that the lovely staff would be only too happy to help should you need it.

Limestone Hotel

On arrival we received a very warm welcome and were taken into the cosy lounge and bar area.
Bar and lounge Limestone Hotel


After a relaxing drink we were shown to our first room, The Garden Room.

Delightfully and tastefully decorated and lots of attention to detail.  Big soft pillows and decorative lighting ..... makes you feel that you want to just curl up on the bed immediately :)

 Pretty views over the hillside from this room and out to the garden.

We remained in the room for two nights and loved it so were a little sceptical about moving on to The Chocolate Room.

We needn't have worried.  This too was a lovely room completely different to the Garden Room but was beautifully and, once again, tastefully decorated.
The views are still there but a little more effort is required to see them.  However, this room is incredibly cosy and if you can bear to leave it, you only have to step outside the door and you have all the view you need.

The details ...

There are tea/coffee making facilities in the rooms and a lovely jar of cookies too, which are delicious.

Lovely soft large bath towels and gorgeous toiletries (recyclable packs).

In the two rooms we had there was no wardrobe.  However, the hanging rail with shelves was absolutely adequate for a short break.  

I love this idea.  Wouldn't it be great for a guest bedroom at home too?  


The dining room is light and airy and the food, whether it be breakfast or dinner is absolutely delicious. 

In fact ...... the food was so delicious we couldn't really stop to take photos :)  

To be honest we rarely take a camera into a restaurant unless we've been commissioned to do so! On this occasion we were there to eat!  

However I did sneak a few on my phone :)

The little book with the menu is cute and adds to the Country feel.  I love Beatrix Potter and think she'd be amused and over the moon to know her books are being used in this way ......
The image below was my starter on Christmas Day ...  yum yum.
PS.  Good news for dog owners.  Limestone Hotel have two dog friendly rooms!
For more information visit Limestone Hotel Website

Well anyway .... that was our fab Christmas break over:(  
Shhh .... I think Malcolm did a great job finding this place.  It was perfect in every way.  Yes, yes the weather could have been better, but it was December!  As they say no such thing as bad weather it's just the wrong clothing.

A huge thank you to Edward and all his staff for their friendly professionalism from start to finish.

Where to next I wonder .....?  
Malcolm get booking darling :)

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