Friday, 23 September 2016

Tips on How to Pack for Antigua

I don't know about you, but I always pack too many clothes. Every time I go away I say to myself 'travel light'. Well the thought was there!

And when I packed for Antigua I did what I always do - pack too much.

My bag was overweight At the airport things were being tossed out of my bag into husband’s, and we even had to add things to our carry ons! Trust me, the queue behind us were not best impressed!

After our experience, let us give you some tips on how to pack when you travel to, not only Antigua, but any hot climate. Be it a little one sided and a female view!

Loose fitting short dresses. M&S do some great beach dresses which pack well without the need of ironing, wash and dry without a problem!
Linen trousers are always cool for you and your man too
A pretty cool floaty dress for evening, linen shirt and trousers for your other half!
Strappy Vests
Cotton underwear
Swimsuit, bikini, swim shorts
Sarongs are a must for us ladies and do a great cover up job, if you need it that is! Great tips here on how to wear a sarong.

Factor 50 sun cream is a must. The sun is intense and unforgiving.
Mosquito repellent is a definite

And remember any bottles, creams etc you want to take into the hold must be in a plastic bag 20cm x 20cm and if your bag is bigger the airport staff will throw yours away and give you one of theirs!

It rains sometimes, but you won't worry about that, in fact, you'll find that you'll be quite grateful to cool off. It soon dries up too.

And ......

And enjoy a glass of your favourite tipple this is Jan's!.

Happy holiday

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