Thursday, 4 May 2017

Classic or Antique .. How Do You Feel - Visit Malta Classic Car Museum

Does your heart race and your blood thump through your veins when you hear the words 'classic cars'?

Memories are made of this

Ah, if not, then turn away now! Oh go on stay a while.  Take a quick look, if you're a certain age you may just find yourself taking a trip down memory lane. :)

A walk back in time

Located in Qawra on the north of the island of Malta and a bus ride from Valletta.

It's coincidentally in Tourist Street!  And a short stroll away from the bus terminal in Qawra.

The Malta Classic Car Museum makes you feel like you are walking back in time.

The lady on the desk was a little strange, seemed a little preoccupied and not very talkative at all?
So moving on....


However, don't tell him in case I get dragged to too many of these places, but I actually enjoyed a stroll round this museum.  It is not only full of classic cars, but other artefacts that I found interesting, amusing and full of memories.
Not sure that I ever looked like this but do remember the corsets! :)
Oops better add some images of the classic cars too 😏  

I'm not going to talk you through these cars.  As I said, I ended up here because my husband loves all this stuff, so if you have any questions, please feel free to comment below and I'll ask Malcolm for the answer! 

Here we go.... enjoy your stroll. 
Yes I remember these.  However, I didn't ever own one.  Rather have a roof over my head and stay dry.
Ah and I'm looking for a convertible at the moment?  
Don't even think about it Malcolm.

Still not interested?

Not sucked into it all? 
Take some time out, chill and read the magazines.  You are catered for here.  All around the classic car museum there are places for you to sit. 

I thought I'd end up sitting there,  but found myself totally caught up in this atmospheric car museum.
Classic or antique, how do you feel?

Opening times:  (please check online first in case of change)

Monday to Friday 9 to 6 
Saturdays and Public hols 9 - 1.30pm 

Ticket price: Adults 8 Euros 
                    Children 4.50 Euros

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