Monday, 16 October 2017

How to Pack Less for a Winter Break in the Sun

Winter is coming .......
    And now's the time when some of us are thinking of taking a Winter holiday to somewhere a little warmer. I know I am!

    How do we keep the packing sensible

    If you're anything like me that's a very difficult task!

    In fact, the first time we went to Antigua my bag was overweight and we ended up at the airport moving things out of one bag to another! There were a few huffs and puffs in the queue behind us!

    But, and a big but, not entirely my fault. We were carrying 7 crew shirts which did not belong to me!

    So, after my experience I thought I may be able to give you a little help with packing for somewhere hot. Well at least for you ladies out there, men never seem to have the same problem do they?

    How to pack less for a Winter Break in the sun

  • Loose fitting dresses. You only need a couple because they wash and dry quickly in the sunshine.
  • a couple of pairs of shorts 
  • Strappy Vests 
  • Cotton or breathable underwear 
  • Swimwear
  • Sarongs - these are great cover ups and in actual fact there are lots to buy when you get there. So forget to take yours if you feel in need of a new one :)
  • Scarves - I always take scarves as they are great for sun protection and when you visit churches.
  • Flip flops a pair for the beach and maybe a pretty pair for evening. Again you can easily find these whilst you are on holiday or at the airport.
  • Suncream (my advice is to buy it in the UK as it is much cheaper) And be safe in the sun with Factor 50 for the first few days and then switch to Factor 30
  • Hair shampoo, condition and hair protection.  Your hair will dry very quickly in the sun.

Other than the above you won't need much more than your normal toothpaste, facial wash, deoderents etc because you will find that in the daytime you will be wearing your swimwear and sarong.  

If you do venture out, as we do, a pair of shorts and T shirt is adequate with maybe grab a scarf to put round your shoulders.

And if it rains  .......
The less you wear, the less there is to dry and believe me you dry very, very quickly.  The rain starts and stops suddenly and the sun once again is very hot.

Hope this helps a little, but if you can think of anything I have missed or may help others please feel free to comment.

Happy holidays!

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