Monday, 30 October 2017

Throw Back to our Stay at The Savoy Hotel Saacharum Resort and Spa

After a day travelling - actually isn't everywhere at least a day's travel these days?  We landed in Funchal, Madeira.

Travelling light ......

We flew by British Airways from Gatwick and to be honest it was quite uneventful.  Except that we had decided to travel light and take bags on to the plane and not put in the hold.  Inexperienced in travelling light we made a bit of a hash of it!

You see, when you travel light, hence take all baggage on the aircraft with you, you must ensure you have all liquids, creams etc in a plastic bag.  Easy, you think?  It must be the correct size!  19cm x 19cm and one each is allowed, and each bottle/tub no more than 100ml.

Our bags were larger and full, of course!  Consequently many of our items were confiscated!

Note to self:  
Regulations are: 19cm x 19cm
100ml max each bottle and tub
Bag can be full but must be able to seal it!

liquid regulations on board flight

Whew, feet back firmly on the ground

Eventually we board the plane. 
I am not going to say I enjoyed the flight, but that's not because of anything other than I just don't like flying!
Always very pleased to have feet back on the ground.

The best taxi ride ever ....

We had booked a taxi from the airport to our destination in Madeira and this was a great experience.  Our cab driver spoke excellent English and talked us through the 45 minute drive to Calheta.

Somewhere new and a friendly welcome.  You can't beat it!

Our arrival at the Hotel was greeted with warm friendliness by all Hotel staff.  The Concierge, Jose, took us to our room (from this point until we perched ourselves on sunbeds by the pool, my mouth stayed open .. and if you read on you will see why!)

Jose was full of information from room air conditioning to pools, day trips and much more!

Anyone for a sundowner?

We were so excited to see it all, that at this point we didn't unpack our bags.  The room was amazing and overlooking the small private hotel beach.

Anyone seen the bar?  

But just for starters, and to quench our thirst after a long day, we couldn't wait to investigate the top pool and bar!

At 18.30 the sun still shining, warm and lots of empty sunbeds overlooking the ocean.  It was definitely time for a sundowner.

Actually the sun didn't go down until about 20.30 in Madeira.
So, yes, you guessed it, we had more than one sundowner!
Hotel resort and spa calheta madeira
As the sun goes down by the pool
Some of the most amazing sunsets from our balcony and even saw the moon and reflections one morning.  Beautiful.
views from balcony in madeira

An Alfresco Breakfast anyone?

A buffet breakfast and there was so much to choose from.  English breakfast, which was Malcolm's favourite, but mine was the delicious fresh fruit, yoghurt and to top it all the sugar cane syrup and outside again overlooking the ocean.  My idea of heaven!   

delicious food on offer at saccharum
This Hotel has windows galore and everywhere there are the most amazing reflections.  Absolutely stunning.
I think by looking at our photos of this wonderful place, you will see why my mouth stayed open in wonder and amazement.
Hotel Saccharum Resort and Spa ... I can only describe as blissful.

Want to know more about Madeira?

See too our visit to Funchal, our ride in the cable car, the tropical gardens, and a very long levada walk.

Bliss .... meaning 
The Savoy Hotel Saacharum Resort and Spa Calheta, Madeira


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