Thursday, 19 April 2018

I Know A Place Where You Can Go to Brush off Your Troubles

Brush off your troubles and let's get happy ... I do believe that's a song from way back.  However, this place always makes you forget your troubles.  Well it does for me.

Now kick off your shoes, grab a cuppa and come with us on a beautiful walk in the gardens.

Even the grandchildren couldn't resist the temptation to take photographs. 
I suppose when Nana is a photographer there's a bit more encouragement to do so. :)

And wow the Camellias are spectacular at the moment. 
Go now if you don't want to miss these.


The Rhododendrons are just beginning to flower so even more colour will be splashed around these beautiful gardens in the coming weeks.
We sat on the bench looking out across the lake and I could see the image I wanted but didn't want to kneel down to get it.
I know what you're thinking .... I wouldn't be able to get up again!  Tut!  Because I didn't want to get my knees dirty 😉

Anyway I explained to my 9 year old grandson what I had in mind, set up the camera and here you have it.  Clever boy.  I may have a job for him later! 
Of course, once he got the camera he wanted to do more ..... so another one below with a view down to the Beaulieu River.
Oh and another one across the daffodil meadow ...............

And now I have the camera back!

Wouldn't be the same without the train

We always have to do the train ride.  But today we were honoured to have the lovely Charlotte de Rothchild on the train 😊 who gave us a very informative talk on the gardens.  Very special.

The newly refurbished Mr Eddy's was a great success

Lunch in Mr Eddy's restaurant was absolutely delicious. 

So thrilled to see that they are now doing little lunch boxes for the children with sandwiches.  Or there is a choice of a hot snack if preferred.

The adults' meals are delicious too, generous helpings and very tasty.  Mr Eddy's refurb and the new caterers Searcys have been a great success as far as this family are concerned.

The Old Tennis Courts Cafe

After quite a long walk around the gardens, however, we needed another refreshment stop. 

Ah here we are ..... cake and a cuppa for the adults
and, of course, ice creams for the boys. 
Yes, the look on this face tells me we can safely say this day was a success!

Where is this place 

where you can go to brush off your troubles?

In the beautiful New Forest just 20 minutes from Junction 2 of the M27 
You can buy your tickets online 


If you go once, you'll want to return!  It may well be worth you getting a Season Ticket.  Don't say I didn't warn you.

Enjoy :)

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