Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Prepare to be Amazed at Monte Palace Tropical Gardens

If you've been with us on our travels in Madeira, you will have seen our

The cable car has taken us to the top of the island and to the
spectacular tropical gardens visited by thousands of tourists every year.

70,000 square meters!

But first the view when you reach the top.
Now prepare to be amazed as we wander through the Monte Palace stunning tropical gardens green and lush with waterfalls around every corner.
There is a large collection around the gardens of tile panels acquired by Jose Berardo, a business man and art collector, who now owns the house in the centre of the gardens.

This one was a particular favourite of mine.

Oriental gardens with walkways through and across lakes where the koi, of course, play an important part.  And Malcolm felt quite at home here!
Just a practical word.  I wore Fitflops for my trip to Funchal and tropical gardens.  Not ideal!  Malcolm was far more sensible.

Sadly it is time to leave this beautiful place and walk back up to our return journey on the cable car. 

Ah I think first we may need a little light refreshment.  And those little tables we can see above look like just the place to sit and digest the lovely gardens we've just seen, maybe with a glass of something.
This is a truly unforgettable experience.

By the way you can see some of the beautiful flowers of Madeira here.

But we haven't finished in Madeira yet .... stay with us for walks that took our breath away and mine for more reasons than one!

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