Monday, 31 October 2016

On Our Travels and Our First Levada Experience - Marocos

Levada from the word 'levar' meaning to carry, a mini canal.  Irrigation channels specific to Madeira and a staggering 1300 miles of them!
Levada walks Madeira
Staggering meaning = 'that's what you're doing after walking one of them'! :)

For our first Levada experience we chose the Marocos Levada walk also known as 'Levada das Mimosas' - Mimosa Valley. 

It appealed to us as it was described as 'relaxing Levada walk between mountains and valleys'

Difficulty degree - Easy/Moderate - Distance 9km - Duration 2.5hours

So our walk begins in Marocos and ends in Ribeira Seca.

At this point I would suggest comfy walking shoes.  Most of the group we were with had trainers on.  I failed to pack mine as we were travelling light and my trainers would have taken up too much room.  It was a mistake, I should have made room!

Note to self:  Two and a half hours of walking requires shoes that support adequately.   

This walk, we discovered, takes you along the valley of Machico, which in the past was the first capital of Madeira.
levada walk views

We got to see fabulous landscapes and views and the famous "Poios Madeirenses" (agricultural terraces)

You will see the locals going about their daily chores, even hanging out washed carrier bags.   And, of course, there was the occasional goat and cat!
The locals go about their chores on levada

Most homes grow their own fruit and vegetables and there are boxes of seasonal fresh fruit at points along the walk which are available to buy and you just pop your money in the honesty box.
The locals make their home grown fruit available to buy

Spending a couple of hours in a typical environment on Madeira Island was a fabulous experience and to be honest a little humbling to see how hard these people work.  

If you, like us, are not the fittest of people then the Marocos Levada is  a good walk to do.  

We loved our time on this walk.  

Back at Hotel Saccharum that evening we relaxed with a glow and a glass of something cool on our balcony.  Well all that walking was thirsty work.

Don't worry, we did drink lots of water on the walk to keep hydrated.
Saccharum balcony view with glass of wine
Thank you for travelling with us once more.  We hope to see you again soon.

If you have experienced a Levada Walk or tour let us know!

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