Monday, 6 February 2017

Beer or Ale What's the Difference - A Day at Hall and Woodhouse Brewery

A brewery tour?  Yes, I know, not really one you'd think I even think about let alone enjoy.
The first thing you see when you step downstairs .....
Yes ... indeed Malcolm's kind of chandelier 😃

'Chandelier' meaning of: 
a large, decorative hanging light with branches for several light bulbs or candles.  Well the light bulbs were there lighting up the beer bottles!  

Early arrival

We arrive early so time for a cup of coffee.  Good coffee and a cuppa served very stylishly!  Ooh shortbread biscuit and fudge too.  Never mind the beer, that'll do nicely.

Hall & Woodhouse heritage

The tour began with the history of the brewery, told by Eddie our tour guide.

Before I go on .... my history teacher would have been so proud of me right now, listening to history, but Eddie was engaging and incredibly knowledgeable it was hard not to enjoy what he was saying (doesn't say a lot for my history teacher!) 

The Ansty brewery was founded by a Dorset farmer, called Charles Hall way back in 1777 and expanded rapidly.
In 1847 the founder's son, Robert, took a partner on board.

The niece got married

George Woodhouse married into the family by marrying Robert's niece and Robert went into partnership with George in 1847, hence the company name Hall and Woodhouse.

The Badger logo was adopted in 1875 which makes it one of the oldest marks on record.
A new brewery was built at Blandford St Mary in 1899,  In 2012 a state of the art brewery was built next to the original Maltings.  Now the shop and Brewery Tap.
From here we were taken on a tour around the brewery...
A little malt tasting took place, which was different and interesting.

Any photos taken inside the brewery are not allowed to be published. I really do recommend you go along if you can, soak up the atmosphere of a working brewery and see how the brews are made.

Tours are available all year round. The cost of your ticket includes a drink in the Brewery Tap.  If you're driving you can take a bottle home with you or if you prefer a glass of wine, that's ok too.  Yes, I did have wine. :)

And if you have the time, stay and eat!  We can recommend the Steak and Ale pie!

A family business 

This is still well and truly run as a family business and I found myself wanting to try the beer ..... well I may do soon .... but not yet  .... until that day I have, of course, got a chief beer taster!

How many people know this?

Hall and Woodhouse do an incredible amount of charity fund raising  

And every two years they nominate a charity to support.
And we were totally bowled over by how happy all the staff were. Obviously this is a great place to work.
What do you do with your empty beer barrel?  

We thoroughly enjoyed our visit to the Hall and Woodhouse brewery. 

Malcolm, of course enjoyed the tour and the beer .... as you can see
and ......
it goes without saying .... he took some home!

So, beer or ale?  What's the difference?

Do you know?

Join us on our distillery tour here

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