Wednesday, 8 February 2017

Photographs Open Doors Into the Past ... Which Reminds Me ....

I'm really not sure why my mind went back to this ... but it did and I'm glad it did because I would have hated not to tell you about this fabulous place.

Marsascala (or Marsaskala)

Actually whilst in Malta for 5 days, we kind of wanted to see as much as we could but what we thought would be the most interesting.

So on day 4 we did a touristy thing and got out the guide book. We liked the sound of this....

'Marsascala is an ancient fishing village in Malta, with a picturesque bay, located in the southeast corner of the island'.

And that's where we ended up!

A walk to the headland

It was a beautiful sunny day so we found somewhere to park the car and went for a walk along the promenade. 
 and looking across the water it looked so pretty.
this is such a beautiful place.  Once we had walked to the headland, we would just have to get over to the other side for a little light refreshment.  Of course, we always have to sample the local food and drink!  More later.
We stood for a while and watched the locals fishing.  It seems to be just a normal everyday thing to do here.
Ah yes, and that brings me to the ....

Salt Pans: 

As you look down from the promenade to the shore you will see the beautiful saltpan system.  It is still being used today.

A little history for you

According to remains found in the area, Marsascala was inhabited thousands of years ago.  Roman baths as well as Christian catacombs found kind of suggest that it was once a Roman port.

New houses

Apparently, Marsascala is very popular with the Maltese and many of them have holiday homes here.  This is evident from some of the newbuilds.
And this property certainly wouldn't be out of place in Sandbanks in the UK.

And here right on the edge a surprise indeed.

As we walk further around the headland we got the surprise of our life and spent ages just taking it all in.
Eeek ..... spooky.

On closer encounter we find it's a derelict hotel.  What a shame.
Lots of graffiti, which actually is incredible considering the size of it .... and how on earth do they do it?
On returning to the Hotel we did a little online research on the iPad and found some information on Wikapedia.

Abandoned Jerma Palace Hotel

This had been the largest hotel in the south of Malta.
When it opened it contributed to transforming Marsascala from fishing village to resort.

It closed down in March 2007.  Sold to Jefpet Ltd in 2008 for 18.6million euros. Wow!

In 2009 the Tumas and Gasan Group wanted to transform the hotel but didn't come to fruition.  Then the Montebello brothers planned to turn the former hotel into apartments, yacht marina and 5 Star Hotel.

On 20th August 2016, requested by the Marsaskala Council, an enforcement notice was issued ordering the hotel owners to demolish the building.  On the very same day the building caught fire and was put out by the Civil Protection Department.

I believe the derelict building was sold at auction in October 2016.

The demolition of the dilapidated hotel buildings is to cost around €1.5 million.

Please don't quote me on any of this information, as I say I gleaned it all from online research.

I'm sure there's more to tell on the story of what used to be a beautiful hotel and when we find out you'll be the first to know. :)

Now for some sustenance

After all that excitement, we head back to try the local food ... and drink of course :)
It's still a beautiful day so we should be able to find somewhere to sit outside.

Oh yes, indeed, The Stuffed Olive looks perfect.

To be honest with you, I felt stuffed!  Such fabulous breakfasts always at Corinthia Palace Hotel I really thought I ought to have something light.  So I chose a green salad and Malcolm went for the fish option. Delicious on both counts.  Great food and really friendly staff too.  

Sorry you'll need to use your imagination on this occasion.  No pictures taken.  Think I was still getting over the scary eyes peeping out of that building.

So, yes, indeed, photographs open doors into the past, whether that be yesterday, weeks, or years images are reminders of what used to be.

So until next time Ċaw għalissa - bye for now 😉

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