Wednesday, 1 February 2017

Day Trip to Cowes on the Isle of Wight

Malcolm says 'I have an appointment in Cowes.  Why don't you come with me and you can take a few pics for the Travel Blog?'

Malcolm knows he's on to a winner with that offer.  Cowes is one of my favourite places and always visiting puts a smile on my face.

Sailing weeks ...

We have spent many weeks on the Isle of Wight for Cowes week or the Swan Europeans, me watching and Malcolm, of course, sailing.

I also have fond memories of spending time with Dad there too.

I look at my diary!  No, seem to be free enough for Monday and I jump at the offer of tagging along for a day.

Ah .... just one thing  ..... looks like photographs might be off the agenda then!
Actually it looks like the trip might be off!
The ferry has been delayed ... are you sure delayed and not cancelled?
Ah ok well it looks a little clearer towards the land.  But that's not the way we're going!

Listen ...

Captain says it's safe to continue.  Now who are we to argue, guess he knows the way.  Just hope no-one else is braving it on the water today.
Eeek!  Think I may just have that coffee we didn't have time for before we left home and settle down for a maybe longer than normal journey from Lymington to Yarmouth.

Whew, we made it.

Now safely in Yarmouth, we disembark and have a stress free journey to Cowes.  In plenty of time for Malcolm's appointment too.

Any chance of breakfast?

Once in Cowes, we decided we had enough time to grab something to eat and found a great place in Gurnard.

Note to self:  Must go here again!
Well, you would, wouldn't you?  Just look at the bacon bap you get at Waters Edge Beach Cafe  That's worth travelling through thick fog for isn't it?  

Oh and I think the waitresses may just put a smile on a man's face too!

Hold on!  That's what Malcolm was smiling at and I thought it was because of all the bacon and two eggs in his roll.

Now it's foggy and raining ...

I decide not to wander around with my camera just yet, as it is now raining as well as foggy.  It's ok I bought my book with me.....but actually these cute kids caught my eye, so I bravely wound the window down and took a snapshot.

Bless them.  Peering through the balustrades but seriously no way are they going to catch a glimpse of anything even if anything is there?
It is still really foggy and now very wet.....but their teacher still turns for a picture with her iPad.  Oops d'you think she has a picture of me?

Cowes High Street here we come

Husband returns and the weather seems a little clearer so we brave the High Street.

I love Cowes High Street.  It feels a little like going back in time.

Look at this fabulous green grocers.  It must take ages to put all that outside every day?  Epic, as my grandson would say.  It looks amazing.
And oh my word I've just visited their website Rosalies of Cowes incredible.  It's so much more than a greengrocers!  I wish we'd gone inside now.  Go on over and take a look.  

And then Live Like This just entices you inside ..... but not today ... another day when I'm shopping on my own :)
Looks pretty doesn't it.
However, I did manage to entice my husband into this shop.
and just look what happened next .....
a purchase is being made!  Yep ... that's for the hall ....shelf with coat hooks which we so badly need.  Fortunately Malcolm thinks so too.

Thank you so much Staples and Green and I think I may be able to persuade Malcolm to come back as there's lots of things we like here.

Tour of the island?

We did have on the agenda for today a little tour of the island.  Sadly the weather is really not on our side so we decide to take an earlier ferry home.  

Thirsty work

All that shopping in Cowes was thirsty work so we'd better stop at The Kings Head before we head back.

A very friendly welcome here too.

Ah and there in the harbour is Malcolm's rescue boat - but that's another story and glad to say he is still here to tell the tale.  

Just a quick picture to remind us how lucky we are to have an amazing RNLI.

Just before I go ... this man wanders over to sit on the bench and eat his lunch (actually a bit late for lunch but who knows?) 

The seagulls obviously thought they were in for a treat too ....

but not if the crows had anything to do with it!

I have to tell you, there's no way I would have continued to sit on that bench eating with those crows so close by!

Well, that's our day trip to Cowes done for another day.  

Foggy it was, but I always enjoy Cowes and can't wait for the next time.

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