Tuesday, 26 June 2018

A Sunday in Godshill and You Can be Forgiven if you Think You're in a Time Warp

Malcolm had an appointment in Godshill on IOW.  Knowing I love a trip to the island he said 'd'you want to come'?  

Well, of course, I want to come!

But I wasn't expecting this ..... going back in time.

We pulled up at The Old Smithy and the car park was being invaded by Classic Cars!  The smile on Malcolm's face was from ear to ear and, of course, he was deep in conversation without any delay!

When I could prise him away from these amazing little cars, he went off on his appointment and I sauntered around The Old Smithy's pretty landscaped garden.
Then a wander through this quaint little village of Godshill.
I didn't venture in to Godshill Cider or Candy Cottage mainly because there was so much more to see and I wasn't sure how much time I'd have.
 There's a model village here too, which I'd love to go back and see some time. 
This village is only small but there's so much to see and explore.  Many cute little shops, tea rooms and, of course, the odd pub or two.
When Malcolm returned we felt a little hungry so we opted for Sunday lunch, well it was Sunday after all.   

I have to admit peeking 😉 in the window of the Taverners earlier at someone's lunch, which looked good so opted for there.
Absolutely love these little squidgy table numbers you're given when you order your meal!
Highly recommend this pub!
As you can see the Sunday roast is a gastronomic delight 👇 

More Classic Cars?

You'll have to forgive me if I seem to be posting images of many Classic Cars on this occasion, but Sunday here you definitely go back in time and apparently it is Isle of Wight Austins meet up most Sundays in the car park at The Old Smithy.  It's absolutely lovely.  

Me thinks we maybe going to visit again 😉
Before I go I need to post an image of my favourite .....

So in Godshill on a Sunday and you can be forgiven if you think you're in a time warp ............

Thanks for visiting ..... see you next time.
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