Tuesday, 12 June 2018

Peace and Happiness Radiates Here in The New Forest

Feeling in need of a little quiet time away from the computer and editing, I remembered just the place.

A garden retreat with 'muffins galore' :)  

Just a stone's throw away and a place I hadn't visited for a very long time.

A quiet retreat where I could have some down time away from Social Media etc etc.  A little digital detox, so to speak.

Time for tea ....

Oh yes, definitely ... and look at this cute little jug.  Cool 😊
and what's that I see?  A very yummy looking cheesey scone I do believe. Strangely enough a favourite of mine.  Tempted?  Well it'd be rude not to!

I said 'detox' but I did say Social Media detox - not food!

Without further ado into the garden to sit and savour this delight and take some time out.

English Country Garden

Now, just before leaving I picked up my camera bag and popped it into the car.  I know I said 'time out' but ..... as a professional travel photographer one has to take their camera even when having some down time because one just never knows does one!

I did, however, 'just pick up the camera bag' .... I had been on a PR shoot the day before and after uploading the card, I replaced camera in bag and thought no more of it.  Yes, yes, before you think it ....it did have a card in it and a full battery ..... but this camera had a portrait lens on it ... oh bother!  Tut!  

However, as Chase Jarvis said 'The best camera is the one with you'

We all know what would have happened had I returned home for the other one .... yes, computer would once again get priority.

The garden was full of roses today just like an English Country garden, so onwards and upwards, this camera and this lens was what I had so would be used creatively.  

Always like to challenge myself with different lens so here we go.

Definitely worth a visit, don't you think?  So when you next visit the New Forest and need a peaceful interlude, why not make your next stop Braxton Gardens and Muffins Galore or find them on Twitter @braxtongardens

You will find it in Lymore Lane, Lymington SO41 0TX 
Last time I visited they opened from 10am to 4pm

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