Wednesday, 2 November 2016

How to Spend a Few Hours in the New Forest on a Misty Autumn Day

milford view of needles
And you might think to yourself 'New Forest'?  Looks like a sea view to me.

And you would be right, of course, it is indeed a sea view.  A view across the Solent from Milford on Sea beach.
Beautiful isn't it.

Actually, Milford on Sea is in the New Forest.  So aren't we lucky here to have the best of both worlds.  Forest and sea.

But on a very still and misty day there's nothing more relaxing than walking along the Keyhaven Nature Reserve, a hidden sanctuary for bird watchers.
On this misty day I was lucky to see this black swan.
 And he actually glided towards me so that I could get a closer look.  Isn't he beautiful.
Now I'm not saying that he will be there when you visit, but there is certainly plenty of wildlife to see.
Sometimes it's as if they are putting on a show just for you!
I have no bird knowledge, other than knowing a swan or a duck, the simple ones, but do you really need to know to appreciate how beautiful these creatures are?
 And, of course, if you have children with you they love to feed the birds.  As long as it's not the seagulls on the beach or wherever people are sitting, it's harmless, and as long as they stay a safe distance from the swans.  They can get quite aggressive, the swans that is not the kids! :)
Ah and what's that I spy across the water?
Could it be a chance for some light refreshment?

It is definitely a place to get a snack or even a meal.

This is a happening place. Friendly service and great food.
I stopped for some yummy sweet potato chips.  Delicious!
If you fancy something a little more substantial call in there before your walk to book a table.

Raft Rocks is very popular and for lunch or evening meals it may be necessary to book ahead.

So there you have it - how to spend a few hours in the New Forest on a misty Autumn Day.

Total relaxation.

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