Monday, 28 November 2016

Sometimes You Don't Need to Travel Far

Sometimes I get distracted!  

When I am not taking photographs I am sitting in front of the computer, post processing recent shoots or blogging, posting on FacebookTwitter, numerous other social networking sites and talking to myself!

Distractions are good sometimes!  

They somehow help to give you a different take on things.... and anyway if you talk to yourself too much you end up going round the supermarket doing exactly that!
And you get funny looks I can tell you!
And distraction can be good!

Today's distraction ....

was a short walk in Lymington, my home town.
 A walk along by the Haven and out along the sea wall and Keyhaven Nature Reserve.  You can nearly always be sure that this will blow the cobwebs away!

The skies changed so much making quite a dramatic picture......
 And then it cleared a I carried on

And then I fell over! 😉  

Not really - just decided to get a different angle on things and got down on the ground.  Love these long grasses.

Oops walk got cut short...

It started raining, so with grubby knees I made a mad dash
back to the car!

Totally out of breath!

You know sometimes you don't need to travel far.  Just go out for a walk and appreciate where you live.

I recommend it wholeheartedly and it stops you talking to yourself..
well, until the next time anyway! 😃

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