Monday, 9 January 2017

You Just Have to Go She Said - Visit Marsaxlokk on Your Travels in Malta

The loveliest and most fascinating fishing village we have ever visited.

Sunday is the day to visit.  

On a Sunday this fishing village is bursting with colour, life and happy people.

We got soaked up in the atmosphere and took so many photos, I can't possibly share them all in one blog.

It attracts people from all over Malta.

Open from 9 - 4 but the fishermen start as early as 7am so if you're there to buy fish ... go early is my advice!  The locals know it well and will be there early to haggle and buy the first pick of the catch.

Moray eels ....

There is a huge selection of fish, including Moray eels.  Everything imaginable some I recognised and some I definitely didn't .... but Malcolm was a little more knowledgeable. (Nothing new there then!)

It's been a hard day's night .....

as families young and old clear and tidy up their nets ..... and it looks like wash their carpets, but can't be sure about that?

A little stroll and then ....

After spending a lot of time at the market we took a stroll towards Fort St Lucian, and an uphill stroll too.  However, on this November day it was unexpectedly hot so we soon ambled back towards ......

and ..... a fish platter
followed by ......more refreshment and the most amazing cheese board

and as you can see Cisk beer evaporates far quicker than Prosecco! 😉

So we find ourselves once again thanking Angela at Corinthia Palace for sending us to Marsaxlokk Fishing Village.  We loved every minute of it.

When you visit Malta this is a must see.

Oh I suppose you'd like to know where we found this gastronomical delight in Marsaxlokk?

Forgive my hesitation .. it's another place that you kind of want to keep to yourself!

It's Terrone  Just sit and watch the world go by .... and be warned, you will want to go back.

Coming soon ...... San Anton Gardens and much more

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