Wednesday, 4 January 2017

Have you Visited Mdina in Malta Yet?

Whew!  Another Christmas and New Year celebrations come to an end and everyone will be starting to think of holidays once again.

We return to the silent city of Mdina to continue with something that will entice you to visit, if you haven't been persuaded by now. 😍

Set up by two gentlemen from the UK 

Opened in 1968 by Eric Dobson and Michael Harris from the UK.  I won't go into the complete history here but if you are interested visit Mdina Glass website, which is interesting and informative.

A collection of stunning handmade glassware made by specialist craftsmen.
Renowned for the new techniques of lampworking and glass fusion, their highly skilled craftsmen and artists handcraft every item.

Beautiful colours and stunning designs.

We visited in November and they had the most beautiful collection of baubles and tiny Christmas trees.  
Really, really wanted to bring some home.

The good news ....

Shhh ..... don't tell Malcolm, but Mdina Glass has an online shop and they deliver to the UK :)

So have you visited Mdina yet?  When you do be sure to visit Malta's first glass factory tucked away in the walled city. 

Or you could, of course, visit their website and online shop where they are currently giving a discount to UK shoppers!  

Be sure to let us know if you visit!

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