Friday, 27 January 2017

What to Wear in Malta in Winter Particularly November

Just a quick rewind to Malta!  Promise it won't take long.

You see we'd never been to Malta before.  I had no idea as to what the climate would be like.

Yes, yes I know you can look online at the forecast.  We did!  Several times.  

Women need to have so much more

Ok, so it's going to be warmer than the UK.  Does that mean I need to take coats, raincoats, cardigans, trousers, swimsuit, dresses, sandals and shoes?

It's always ok for the men.  They seem to make do with a pair of trousers, shorts, several T shirts, undies, one pair of shoes and one pair of flip flops!
Ah, yes, little and large! :)  Our cute little hire car and my umm .....cute big man 😍
You see as I said, shorts and a T shirt 😚

Me?  Unless I absolutely know for sure that it's going to be a scorcher, I need to take all things on a 'just in case basis' 

Come on ladies I know I'm not alone in that.

But, of course, I'm trying to turn over a new leaf and travel light!  

The search is on....

So my online search for 'what to wear in Malta in November' came up with nothing.   No no not to 'wear nothing'  - no answers!

My advice to you ladies - is take a lightweight raincoat as it does rain occasionally!  Although, to be honest, when it did rain we didn't have our rain coats with us. 😩
Some lightweight trousers, plus strappy vests, T shirts and a couple of cardigans.
A pair of shorts probably, although I'm not too keen on them I did wear them on a couple of days as it turned out to be quite hot!

A swimsuit/bikini doesn't take up much room.  There's always the chance that you'll have time for a dip.

And on hot days if you have long hair, something to tie it back with......I did take something but found something so much more sophisticated on the market in Marsaxlokk.  
A very good salesman put this in my hair for me and did such a good job that husband was impressed.  He bought me several in different colours. 

I do own up to having never managed to get it quite like this again but work in progress 😏

And on the streets of Valletta, this is what the locals wear.

Unless, of course, you're on a scooter and carrying a dog in your bag.  

Editing a little different?

Yes, you might have noticed the difference in our photos on this occasion.  

Not all images suit a little bit more high definition editing and I certainly wouldn't do it all the time but on this occasion, just for fun ....

And just in case you haven't had chance to come with us on our travels yet.  It's always worth taking a look back at a few of our previous posts.

Thanks for visiting.

See you next time .....

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