Monday, 20 March 2017

A Fun Walk Through the Woods or On the Beach - Mudeford to Highcliffe

Staying close to home for this post and sharing a walk that I often do when grandchildren visit.

Dorset coast

You can either start off at Highcliffe Castle or Mudeford Quay, whichever takes your fancy.

We normally start off at Mudeford Quay, take a long walk along the beach and then back through the woods from Highcliffe Castle, along the top of the cliff.

It was a bit cold on this occasion and we thought it may be a little more sheltered to walk along the top of the cliff so we parked in Highcliffe Castle car park.

An adult only walk takes less time :)

The walk takes about 20 minutes really.  But when with children there are many things to do on this walk, including hiding from mum and dad!

Once we get to Avon Beach, we usually stop for a little sustenance and warm up at The Noisy Lobster.

Any leftovers?

So when son offered lunch, we all said yes - rather too quickly I think, feeling a little peckish and chilly too. 😃

Us adults chose lots of sharing things.  Mainly because it's really hard to choose from this delicious menu.  The boys had beefburgers.

'Proof is in the pudding' as they say!

Dad was eagerly waiting for leftovers!  No such luck on this occasion ....empty plate is what he got :)  Unheard of with one small child, so I guess their food was as good as ours then!

Back along the beach

So with full tummies and a lot warmer now, we headed back along the beach.

Once again, lots to deter the children en route, ah and the adults too I see.

Back up the steps to the car park.  Oops, looks like the boys aren't quite tired out yet!  More climbing to be done.
Well, after all that exercise and full tummies I think they'll sleep tonight.  I know Nana will anyway :)

Where we ate: The Noisy Lobster

However, there are takeaways at Avon Beach if you don't feel the need to sit in the restaurant. Also a small cafe on the route, if you can't get all the way without a break.  And Highcliffe Castle has a tea room too.

So a fun walk through the woods or on the beach - Mudeford Avon Beach to Highcliffe Castle - both a great walk with or without the kids.

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