Thursday, 16 March 2017

Wonder What's on the Menu Tonight for the Travel Photographers

A nice day and you won't need to ask me to go fly fishing twice!

No, no I don't do any of the fishing.  I just go along for the peace and quiet.  You just can't beat the tranquillity at the fishing lakes.  A little light relief from the travel blogging and travel photography helps get the brain cells working again.

Rockbourne here we come ..

The forecast was for a dry day and supposedly sunny.  However, it didn't turn out sunny, but thankfully stayed dry.  
And I must have had my sensible head on as I put my trusty boots on ready for the mud.  Yep ... there was mud!

I had never been to these lakes before.  I was pleasantly surprised.  Off the beaten track, so had I been on my own I would never have found them.

My advice is to take a good map, good sat nav or a good husband :)
These fisheries are in the New Forest in an area of outstanding beauty, just outside the village of Rockbourne.  It certainly is the perfect place to relax and unwind.

Without further ado let's go fishing ......
 Within minutes the first one caught.....
Not a bad effort :) 5.5lbs
And trout number 3 - I wonder what's on the menu tonight?

Who's next?

 Oi! There's someone here catching their supper, 
think we could be next .... hide quick
D'you think he can see us?
I'm off ..... what time's the next bus?

New purpose built lodge

By the way Rockbourne Fisheries do offer breakfasts, light lunch and drinks in the lodge.

However, on this occasion, we left home quite late (me going to yoga in the morning caused a slight delay).

As Malcolm wanted to get fishing, we stopped for a quick lunch en route at The George in Fordingbridge.  Ah, that didn't turn out quite as quick as we'd thought.  Mainly because the menu was amazing and we found ourselves eating not such a light lunch!

A first visit for me and I definitely want to go back. Delicious food and great service.

Take a look at my goat's cheese starter.  Delicious!

Ah well, a day off is good for the soul but maybe not so good for the figure. :)

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