Saturday, 11 March 2017

Even on a Murky Day How Can This High Street Not Put a Smile on Your Face - Cowes IOW

Yes thank goodness!

At first I thought I wasn't going to be able to do this trip.  But at the last minute timing was right for me once again to join Malcolm on his revisit to Cowes.


Not far to travel for us, just across the water from Lymington.  We could easily have a staycation here.  In fact, in the past, we have, but that's a story for another day. This time, it's just a day trip.

So whilst Malcolm was busy with his client off I went to one of my favourite places of all time.

Yukky weather

It was, once again, cold, misty, wet and murky - yes very yukky weather indeed.

Follow me .....
 How cute is this ....Toby's of Cowes
 I bet he was freezing too.  Yes, looks real doesn't it! 
 The Food Hamper looks absolutely delicious.
 Ooh Healthy Indulgence - is there such a thing? :)
 And so pleased to see The Wine Therapy.  I always love their window displays.
Actually we do have a few corks floating around.  Have no idea where they came from?
This display has given me inspiration as to what to do with them.
 Ah and Sailor Ted and friends .....
 Oops have been spotted taking photos, better go in.  Be rude not to!

David Bailey? 

I have to admit these books look so cool.  I picked one up and started chatting to the chap in the shop.  He said 'I thought you were a female David Bailey?' 
'No' I said 'just Annie Liebovitz' 😃

Signed by the author

It turned out he was the author of the books and immediately offered to sign the book I was buying.  
 Sadly, now time to leave the Isle of Wight and return to the ferry.
Yes, as you can see, the weather has not improved at all but it would take more than that to dampen my spirits.

West Cowes.  Even on a murky day how can this High Street not put a smile on your face.

By the way, can you see a penguin?

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