Monday, 13 March 2017

Travel Photographers Unwind at La Nave San Pawl il-Bahar

If you have been following us (and thank you if you have) you will know by now that we love good food and wine at reasonable prices. 😋

And that's good enough reason to return to La Nave Triq It-trunciera, San Pawl il-Bahar.
Situated within the Malta National Aquarium and with fabulous views across the bay.

Malta National Aquarium

Yes, both could do with eyes in the back of your head!

Us British

Of course, we haven't yet been inside the Aquarium!  Being British and a little starved of sunshine we do anything we possibly can to stay outside! 

If you have kids with you, though, I think it probably is a must do. Apparently it houses a huge collection of fish including sharks, sting rays and eels. 

For us, as we have been blessed with another sunny day, there's absolutely no way we'll stay inside (ah unless of course there's classic cars involved - watch this space!)
So we find ourselves, yet again, sat outside this lovely restaurant trying to choose what to eat.

Funny though, we never seem to have a problem choosing the drink.  I go for Rose wine and Malcolm normally goes for the local beer, Cisk.

On the Menu today...

Seafood pizza and pitta bread with dips.

The pizza lived up to its reputation (I do believe we had similar on our last visit)

Oh my word, this hummus was the most delicious we had ever tasted.
Even if you're not a fan of hummus you just have to taste this. Incredible.
We finish up with a coffee.

One day I may have to do a blog on 'Coffee with a Heart' :)

Cheers and thank you again to the most delicious lunch. 

We'll definitely be back for more.

If you have kids with you, La Nave is a great place for families, right next to the Aquarium and there's lots of space outside the Aquarium for the kids to run around, including a children's playground. 
And those lovely fountains coming up from the ground that the kids love to jump in!
So fun for all here, along with great food.  A must visit.

Like I said 'watch this space' for the Classic Car Museum which even I enjoyed! :)

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