Wednesday, 31 May 2017

A Postcard from Helmsdale River

As mentioned in Right on Kew Malcolm went off  for a week's salmon and trout fishing with instructions to bring back some photos.

And boy did he!  Not of the fish he caught.  Apparently when caught they have to be put back in the river so no time for photographs.

What no words?

I did ask for a few words to go with the images?  

I got many tales of laughter, beer and food, and a twisted ankle - ouch! but not actually much about the place.  Funny that!


So just a brief spiel about Helmsdale.  Sitting on the east coast of Scotland,  once the home of the largest herring fleets in Europe but today synonymous with salmon fishing.. Ah, hence the reason for going there I guess. :)

They do say when you look at an article, what do you see and remember first?  The photograph, of course!
I have to say that the beautiful images of this stunning place speak a thousand words and will definitely be remembered ..... actually I might like to go there myself one day - no, no not for the fishing but definitely for this beautiful countryside.

Why a postcard from Helmsdale River.  You can't get much writing on a postcard can you so the title seemed to fit perfectly. :)

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