Friday, 26 May 2017

Right on Kew - Visit Kew Gardens

Just 30 minutes from Central London and one of the largest World Heritage sites, this just has to be on the 'place to visit' list.
I have only been once before, many years ago, and always wanted to go back  Living in the New Forest, of course, it isn't just 30 minutes!

 So, whilst my husband was off salmon fishing in Scotland (yes he did go with instructions to bring back photos - not salmon it has to go back in the river), and
right on 'Kew' my son and his family took me there. 😊
 I advise you to buy tickets online.  I was lucky my son is a member and took me as a guest.  
And judging by the queue outside, not only me getting in free but being a member definitely had the advantage of being able to walk straight passed the queue to the entrance!

Directly inside you are reminded of the beauty of this place.
And then to add to my grandsons' delight a peacock was strutting his stuff in the gardens and didn't seem to be a bit perturbed by the visitors.  Still I suppose he is used to it.

Shame he didn't want to flirt, it would have been lovely to see those amazing feathers in all their splendour. :)
Down to the eager instruction of my grandson I do have, probably, a dozen images of the peacock ... oh and a video on my phone :)  Won't bore you all with that because my favourites are of my grandsons keenly watching this beautiful feathered bird (and actually a few years ago you wouldn't have found them anywhere near it) :)
Then you all have to do the tree walk to the Badgers' Sett.  
Ok, ok I didn't do it. :( 
Well someone has to take the photos don't they?
 Welcome to the Badgers' Sett, Humans please watch your head! 
 Some truly amazing views - not sure where this is, but it's just across the river from Kew.  Someone was enjoying it :)
 And, of course, the beautiful Palm House.
Strangely the grandsons didn't want to go in here, maybe because they had the playground on their mind.

Whew .... and breathe

So my daughter in law and I ventured in.  It is very beautiful, but it is also very, very hot and humid, which is probably why it's called 
the Palm House.
We did a quick tour, because really you wouldn't want to miss it, but we also made a hasty retreat, after a quick pic of daughter in law before we both collapsed in the humidity :)
 Ah do you think this goose was hoping for a quiet stroll?
 And the magnificent beehive.  The humming sound gets quite loud.
Situated in a wild flower meadow and 17 metres tall, quite an extraordinary experience.
There is so much more to see here at Kew and I'd say almost impossible to do it all in one day.

Which means, of course, I'll have to go back another day at least to do the tree top walkway :)

Watch this space for some amazing photos of husband's trip to Scotland......

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