Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Guest Blog Feature - Wow Definitely a Place to Visit ...Whistler Canada

Whistler - located two hours from Vancouver and is probably one of Canada's favourite destinations.

Two mountains for skiing and snowboarding and a village with restaurants and bars.

The snow was disappearing ...

When we were there the snow was melting and we didn't have many days of skiing, but the scenery was amazing and we did a fair amount of walking taking in this beautiful place.  We found our phones were out of our pockets most of the time.  For a change not for speaking on, but for taking photos.:)
Well, it'd be rude not to take photos of these breathtaking views.

Blackcomb Mountain

37 lifts and 17 mountain restaurants
Skiable Terrain 3,414 acres / 1,382 hectares

How empty the pistes look!

As I mentioned, the snow was slowly disappearing and here you see the last few skiers on Blackcomb mountain before it closes for the season. 


Pemberton near Whistler is a small town farming community. 

It's cheaper to live here and workers from Whistler tend to find accommodation in Pemberton and travel in to work on the local bus.

Bears?  Really?

Oh yes indeed and this is skunk cabbage.  The bears feed on the roots of this!  Let's hope it's plentiful so they don't have to hunt for anything closer to home!

Now for a stroll ....keeping an eye out for hungry bears 😓

And there's no better place for a walk than around Alta Lake.
2.2km of stunning views.

More information on Alta Lake

Ah and what looks like abandoned vehicles.

We think they may have been destroyed by fire, but there isn't much information on it.

Village Stroll

Whistler village centre is pedestrian only. Through the village is a really broad street called Village Stroll ... always buzzing with young and old alike and flanked by shops and restaurants on either side.

For more information on Whistler there is a great website with facts, history and places to eat etc Whistler Information

A huge thank you to Julie from The Natural Confetti Company and her husband for sharing their travels to this stunning place with us.

Wow, Canada is definitely a place to visit some time soon....

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