Tuesday, 13 December 2016

15 Years to Build a City - A Day in Valletta

On the first day of our 5 day trip to Malta, we braved the roads in our little hire car to Valletta.

Ummm .. now that was quite exciting.  Bearing in mind we had only driven to the Hotel from the airport, our knowledge of the roads and driving on them was limited!

We did finally reach the multi storey car park .... ah I admit with a quick detour around the bus station! 😌

The Capital of Malta

A little history to begin with.....

The lovely walled city of Valletta got its name from Jean de la Vallette, the Grand Master. Sadly, he died during the construction and never got to see his city completed.  

It took 15 years to build!
When you consider in 1566 there were no mechanical tools and the whole city was built by hand, 15 years is a very short time.

A short stroll

This amazing view is just a short stroll from the Multi Storey Car Park.

It looks like a toy town from this viewpoint.
But the motor yachts looked very incongruous moored here.

Note to self:  tell husband to moor his yacht where it looks more in keeping with its surroundings.😉

Over the other side maybe?  What?  Oh, we haven't got a yacht?  Well just bear it in mind for the future dear, that it might be more in keeping with these modern buildings.....😊

Take your walking shoes

The best way to see this amazing city is on foot.

History brought to life daily 

The Saluting Battery is a must visit.  For nearly 500 years the guns protected the harbour against naval assault. 

The Saluting Battery has been restored by the Malta Heritage Trust and Malta Tourist Authority.

They are not fireworks you hear 

The guns are fired here daily at mid-day.  This follows the custom begun in the 1820s when a gun was fired to signal the exact hour of day in order that Ship Masters could calibrate their chronographs on ship.

You can hear the guns all over the city.  

When we first heard them we thought it was fireworks and were missing out on a celebration somewhere! 
There is a very informative display on the wall giving a brief history.
If you'd like to know more you could visit the Saluting Battery website which is very informative.

This little chap was capturing every piece of history on his camera. Very cute.

You want to see the city sir?

If you haven't got your walking shoes with you, there are many other ways you can get around too.

The opportunity arises all round the city to hop on a Horse and carriage ....
always touting for business, so if your feet are aching you maybe be glad of a ride.

In the centre of the city there is a tourist Malta Fun Train too!

Hustle and bustle, a mix of old and new

We loved it here.  The hustle and bustle of every day life, the city seemed alive and buzzing and yet it still felt somehow you were walking back in time.

A mix of old and new.  There was a feeling of warmth and friendliness and lots of places you'd like to sit and watch the world go by.

As the sun goes down

It's time for us to make our way back to the car.  A little sad as I loved it here and also I really would have liked to see the Christmas lights on 😔

Farewell Valletta, I have a feeling we'll be back.
Lots of walking means weary legs and Malcolm has to fight the traffic and potholes. 😖

Anyway the comfort of our suite is calling!

Thanks for stopping by.  Back soon ..... lots more to see on our travels to Malta

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