Sunday, 4 December 2016

Fasten Your Seat Belts We're Travelling to Malta

An early start for us

Up at 3am to be ready for our pickup from our favourite Airport Travel Company.

Our getaway this trip begins at Gatwick Airport once again.  

We are going on a 5 day trip to Malta for our Wedding Anniversary. 

We are now getting accustomed to travelling light - see our Travel Notepad for some tips - and ready with our correct size bag of liquids this time! 😉

Woo hoo straight through!

However, together with our prompt Airport Chauffeur and clear roads, we were actually at the airport with lots of time to kill!

Never mind after checking in online, we may as well get on with it and go through security checks.

And now we pat ourselves on the back, because we go straight through without a hitch.

Window Seat on plane

Malcolm loves a window seat, consequently I get stuck in the middle of him and .......sometimes good and sometimes not so good on t'other side!

He also loves to tell me exactly what is happening out of the window. 😖 Good job I love him 💕 

Anyway on this occasion I was lucky enough to be sitting between Malcolm and a very interesting chap.  An Antique dealer from London. We passed the time by exchanging Social Networking, photography and photoshop tips.
Hello Nicholas Wells if you're reading this 😊

Bumpy ride

As you know, I'm not keen on flying!  Still if you don't do it you can't get far.  As we're travel photographers and travel bloggers, needs must.

So all's well until we get a little turbulence - eeek.  That does not go down at all well with me.  Just think 'bumpy road' and you'll be ok, I tell myself.

Always glad to be on the ground and onwards to our destination.

Hiring a car in Malta

Our first hurdle to overcome was to pick up the hire car from the Airport.  I say hurdle because actually it did become one.

We arrived at the Avis desk and as the young lady tried to print out our paperwork for the car, her printer ceased to work!  

Oh dear there seems to be a queue building up behind us ... not a good start.
(a few tips when hiring a car at foot of blog)


Finally we are given our paperwork, but before I go on I must tell you that everyone was exceedingly patient in the queue behind us and were still smiling as we left!

'Go to see Albert' the lady said and he will show you where the car is. 
After walking across to the other side of the airport, we find Albert and our car, which seems to be the one in the corner blocked in behind rows of cars.  
Keep smiling ..... not tired at all .... have only been up 10 hours - no problem.

Albert says 'she's given you the wrong car'.  At this point I must add that all is very laid back in Malta (until you get on the roads, but that's another story!)

Is that a dent?

Whilst waiting for the keys for the correct hire car, we can't help but notice every car seems to have either dents or scratches!  We are horrified and still trying to keep our sense of humour. 😦

Eventually, we get to know which car we will be driving (I should say that Malcolm will be driving).  It is still a car backed into the corner behind the others.  However, we go round the car with a fine tooth comb marking each and every mark down on the paperwork given to us.

It has to be said that our hire car seemed to be rather less damaged than the others.

Superb SatNav Nokia phone  

Whew!  Finally we are off and suffice it to say you have to have your wits about you on the roads in Malta.  And, shhhh, don't tell him I said it, but Malcolm is actually quite good at that.

However, I'm hopeless at navigation.  Out comes the Nokia phone with its superb satnav.  

20 minutes later we arrive at the Hotel.  Yes I know, it does look rather like a toy car next to Malcolm and he could probably hurdle over it (ah maybe not then) 😉 

And relax........

I can't wait to tell you about the Hotel ...... watch this space ....

A few facts:

  • Flight Time from Gatwick to Malta International Airport Approx 3.5hrs
  • When hiring a car take out excess insurance before you go.  It's cheaper (that was a tip from my son which I'm glad we took notice of.) 😯
  • Remember that the Hire Car Company take details of your credit card and keep them for 14 days after you return the car

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