Saturday, 17 December 2016

Shh .. Quiet Please - We're in Mdina - Known as The Silent City

Mdina (pronounced umdeena) known as the silent city.

This walled city sits on one of the highest points of Malta.

Shh .... quiet please

There are strict noise regulations here and a restriction of cars allowed into the city.

A mix of baroque and medieval architecture with its pretty winding streets.

Invade - go on just try

The city's narrow streets, apparently, were built as an architectural system providing shadow from the sun.   

Oh and not to mention a cunning military plan enabling easy ambush at street corners when under invasion. 

So you now know where to go on a hot sunny day in Malta.  Doubt you'll have to worry too much about being ambushed?  Hope not! 😉

Once the Capital

Dating back 4000 years, the city of Mdina is older than Valletta (you can join us in Valletta in our previous blog)

It was conquered by the Normans and at this time was made the Capital of Malta.

In the 1500s it was run by the Knights of Malta ........
just a minute .......

Whew, for a moment there I thought we may have been taken back in time by Dr Who's Time Machine or something!

Another city we loved wandering around, with lots of history to soak up and lots of photo opportunities.

And, of course, as in Valletta you can always hitch a ride in a horse and carriage which are available inside the walled city or outside where you can do the complete tour if you've forgotten your walking shoes!
And just in case you're wondering ...... they can get down the narrow streets!

This wasn't a full day trip for us, but I guess you could make it so.

Excitement took over I think

As this was our first visit to Malta we were visiting as many places as we could.  Maybe when we visit next time we will relax a little.  

There is so much to see on the island of Malta you just get a bit excited by it all!

Coming next ...

Stay tuned for our coffee stop with the most stunning view, a visit by a cute little visitor and stunning glassware .......

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