Wednesday, 7 December 2016

Shhh... Only Tell Your Best Friends

We had arrived in Malta for the very first time and I was so excited to be here.

A place I had wanted to visit for many years and here we were at last.

We had picked up the hire car and ready to roll!

 How we got here

I want to keep this a secret

I have been so looking forward to telling you about our Hotel, but on the other hand didn't really want to.  That sounds silly I know, but you see this place is very special and we'd like to keep it a secret! 😉

But what would be the point of being Travel Photographers and bloggers if we kept everything a secret?

Get ready to be amazed

Wow, can they read your mind?

We pull up outside the doors of this fabulous building in our 'toy car' 😊
Immediately we are greeted by the Concierge.

I think privately he must have wondered who on earth we were in this tiny little car and maybe thought we'd taken a wrong turn!

Not phased at all, the Concierge bent down to speak to us via the car window (he had to bend double to see in).  We asked where to park. Before we knew it the bags were lifted from the car.

The keys were taken and the car parked.

Wow, can he read minds?  Did he know we'd been up since 3am, had rather a traumatic pick up of hire car and had been bounced around on the roads full of potholes?  Or maybe it was the dark circles under our eyes that gave it away!

We were then whisked into the lobby and handed a welcome drink.
Oh boy I can't tell you just how welcome that drink was.  Ever grateful for that!

If you have flown BA recently you will know they aren't that generous with offers of drinks!  Anyway I won't go into that now because rumour has it that soon we'll have to buy our own lunch and drinks on BA.

Guests relations are 5 star (actually I would say 6 star)

Angela, Guest Relations Manager, came to welcome us.  She mentioned that the restaurants had been informed about my nut and seed allergy (this is not something I like to tell people about,  I hate making a fuss. Needs must if I want to survive any trip without being ill).

I mention it here, as I was incredibly impressed that this had been remembered.  After all, guests must come and go on a daily basis.
To remember the little things relevant to individuals is admirable and requires a mention.

And I'm also going to mention that we could not believe how hard Angela and the team work.  Angela is hands on too!  Truly admirable.

Without further ado the Concierge took us to our suite.

Now you'll have to excuse me because whenever I rewind back to this moment I can only picture myself with my mouth wide open!

This can only be described as tasteful, beautiful, luxury and, dare I say, a little decadence too.  But none of that makes you feel uncomfortable. You feel very at home here.
Fabulous furnishings, thick white robes and towels and lovely little bottles of Espa toiletries.  Very happy with that after having travelled light with only my little bag of essentials.

Oops, not sure I mentioned it was our Wedding Anniversary?

After being shown round the suite, the safe and all important mini bar, the Concierge left us to it.  
It was then that we saw the beautiful flowers, card and book as an Anniversary gift from the Hotel Management and Staff.

What a lovely thoughtful touch and something else remembered by Angela.
Hang on a sec - a knock on the door!  My oh my, bubbly too!
Another quick photo of these beautiful surroundings and, well, I think we'd better drink that bubbly immediately.  It'd be very rude not to and in any case, as I said before, that flight made us very thirsty!

Where's my man?  Open the bottle darling! 😗💕

I'll point out right now, that I am just not going to be able to keep this to one blog!  Far too much to say and so many photographs that have to be shared in order that you get the feel for this amazing place.

In any case I may just have to take a nap.
All that bubbly, I now feel totally relaxed.

Stay with us to view the Hotel gardens and our travels around the beautiful island of Malta.

Destination Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa San Anton Malta

Corinthia Palace Hotel & Spa 
San Anton - quite central and only about 20 minutes from the Malta International Airport
Restaurants in the Hotel are quite popular, so our advice is to book before your trip.

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